Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume 130

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at several crazy cases. First, a crybaby ex-president who cannot get a grip on the fact that he lost the election. I think you may already know this one. Then, an oldie but a goodie case out of Britain where we examine the legal test for what is a potato chip. Finally, a woman who engaged in a very entertaining ruse to try to get free chicken.

Follow the jump to learn more about this week’s weirdest and wackiest legal cases from around the globe!

Crybaby Ex-President

It… isn’t often that a world leader takes legal action that warrants inclusion in this blog series. But in the last week there have been a series of applications filed in court, and subsequently laughed out of court by the Trump Campaign.

The first was a crushing blow from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which heard arguments from Trump to the effect that the ballot counting was somehow unlawful due to the fact that the scrutineers for the Republican Party were not able to come within COVID-spreading distance of the ballot counters. You know, despite the fact that both sides were subject to the same rules.

Then there was the, um, performance of lawyer Rudy Giuliani, who, according to live tweets from lawyer Raffi Melkonian could not even identify the standard of review on the action he was bringing to stop counting ballots. For twenty thousand dollars a day you too can get a lawyer whose answer to the fundamental question the court has to consider is “the normal one.”


Fake Chips

This is old news, but it only came to my attention recently.

Apparently some genius brought the most important lawsuit of our time. A lawsuit to answer the fundamental question: are Pringles potato chips.

Look, you should know where I stand on this. I am not a fan of Pringles. They taste awful, their flavouring dust is inappropriately portioned to only one quarter of the potato chip, and when they are stale they taste just like rancid vomit. But someone had the balls to litigate this issue.

I mean, mostly it was over whether the chips attracted a certain tax that would result in millions of dollars in government revenue from the sales of the chips. And the case even spanned three levels of court in the British court system….. all to determine that a Pringle is a chip. And the test to determine whether a food is a chip?

Would an 8-year old eat it?

Gotta Admire Her Tenacity

I love attempts to get free food that fail miserably, but this one takes the cake.

Or, chicken, I guess.

In Georgia, a woman drove up to a Chik-Fil-A and decided to request that she be given free fried chicken, all on the basis that she was an FBI agent. I’m not sure how working for the FBI makes you entitled to free food, and I don’t think the employees had heard of this promotion before as they called the police.

The woman was very committed to the ruse, however, and when approached by police maintained that she worked for the FBI and was entitled to free chicken as a result. Police asked her to exit her van in the drive-thru, and she refused. They asked for her ID which she claimed was only available electronically.

And then — for some reason — the police threatened to tase her if she did not exit the van. She did and was arrested.

But the best part? According to staff, the woman had been attempting to do this at the same restaurant for WEEKS before they called police.

As the title says, gotta admire her tenacity.

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