December 2022

Asking the officer to change the face of the ticket to registered owner

Many people have heard of a method to avoid the consequences of a traffic ticket, in particular, the points and the record, by asking the officer to amend the violation ticket to reflect the charge against the registered owner. While it is true that the violation ticket can be amended, that doesn’t mean that an officer or a court will allow it.

When a ticket is issued, the officer is required to indicate whether the ticket is being issued to the driver or the owner. They are trained to issue tickets to the driver of the motor vehicle unless they are not able to identify the officer, in which case the owner becomes responsible for what is done with the vehicle.

Top 5 mistakes people make disputing their own ticket

Many people think a traffic ticket is a relatively simple matter, and believe that they should be able to defend their own traffic ticket and that it’s not worth it to hire a lawyer.

The problem is, without a sophisticated understanding of the rules of law and evidence in a courtroom, and the procedure that’s to be applied in a courtroom, people make significant mistakes while disputing their own traffic tickets.

So here are the top five mistakes we have found people make when disputing their own tickets.

Kyla in Business Intelligence for BC: Could driving without winter tires in B.C. void your insurance?

Priuses spinning out into a snowbank. Buses stuck on hills. And now, snarling traffic leaving hundreds of people stranded in the biggest snowfall of the year.

It’s not uncommon to have snow in Metro Vancouver, but for some reason, it always seems to come unexpected. 

But what happens if you had summer tires on and got in an accident? Can driving your car without winter tires void your insurance coverage if you get in a accident?

No, according to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) — not even on highways where it’s required during the winter months.

There are two things ICBC looks at to assess an insurance claim, says criminal lawyer Kyla Lee — one, are you insured? Do you have certain offences that can invalidate your insurance such as an expired or prohibited licence?

If you drive without snow tires along a mountain highway in the winter, you may be in breach of the law, but not any more than if you were speeding, says the lawyer.

“Not following the rules of the road doesn’t mean you’re not insured,” she said. “You’re still insured, you’re just negligent.”

That could affect how much your insurance will go up or whether or not you have to pay a deductible with the claim.

Read the full story here.

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