Impaired Driving DUI Charges

Vancouver impaired driving lawyer Kyla Lee is well-known for her knowledge and expertise in drunk driving law. She is often the first person that other lawyers call with a question about a unique or unusual issue in an impaired driving case. Kyla Lee has successfully defended hundreds of people charged with impaired driving, driving with a blood alcohol concentration over 0.08, refusing to provide a sample, and other criminal driving offences. Her unique approach involves a blend of science, police procedure, and knowledge of the Charter rights and impaired driving law to get the best result possible in your case.

Kyla has published a guideline on the consequences of a DUI in British Columbia, which you can find here.

Understanding Your Impaired Driving Charge

Impaired Driving and Driving Over 80 mg%

Facing a criminal charge for impaired driving can be stressful. Kyla Lee has the expert knowledge to assist you through the process and resolve your case with the best outcome possible. Her vast knowledge of impaired driving law and procedure will give you the best defence.

Refusal to Blow Charges

Many people are wrongfully accused of refusing to blow when they were trying to provide a sample. Others still are given invalid demands for breath or blood samples. Kyla Lee can help you find the defences in your case.

Administrative License Suspensions

Often the first hurdle you encounter when facing a criminal charge for impaired driving is a 90-day driving prohibition. Kyla Lee can assist you in disputing your prohibition and reinstating your license pending the outcome of your case.

Kyla Lee is a recognized leader in impaired driving law. Her legal knowledge of this field will help you to successfully defend your case.

Knowledge of Breath Testing Equipment

Kyla Lee has used the same devices and instruments that the police use in impaired driving investigations. She owns a large personal collection of government-approved breathalyzer instruments and devices, and is familiar with the operation and maintenance of all these devices. She is one of few lawyers who has actually operated an Intox EC/IR II approved breathalyzer, used by the police at the police detachment.

Many approved breathalyzers require particular training to be operated correctly. Kyla Lee has completed the manufacturer’s training for the operation and calibration of the Alco-Sensor FST approved screening device handheld breathalyzer. She has also obtained and read the training manuals for all breath testing equipment used in British Columbia and Alberta.

Police Training

In addition to her knowledge of breath testing equipment, Kyla Lee has taken the same training the police have taken in impaired driving cases. Kyla has been certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association in Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST) and has completed the training for the Drug Recognition Evaluation (DRE) program.

A Sought Out Expert

Kyla’s knowledge in impaired driving law has also led her to be asked to train other lawyers, police members, and law students related to impaired driving investigations. She is a regular guest lecturer at the UBC Indigenous Community Legal Clinic regarding impaired driving cases, and has presented to Westclass, for the Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia, the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia, the DUI Defence Lawyers Association, and the Fraser Valley Criminal Bar Association on the topic of impaired driving law.

In addition, Kyla Lee has been asked to appear by the House of Commons Justice Committee to give expert testimony on legislative changes related to impaired driving, and has appeared before the Senate of Canada Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs, where she is cited as “absolutely dismantling” arguments made in support of sweeping and negative changes to impaired driving laws.

Kyla Lee is a regular commentator on Global BC, CBC News, The Lynda Steele Show, CKNW, and RadioNL. She publishes a regular column in Vancouver Is Awesome entitled Unpopular Opinion.

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