Impaired by Drugs

Facing a drug impaired driving charge can have serious consequences in your life. Lawyer Kyla Lee knows the science and procedure in these cases inside and out. She will work to successfully challenge the police evidence in your case.

Currently, prosecutions for impaired driving by drugs are rare. Many lawyers never encounter these complex cases and are consequently not in a position to defend you against these charges. Kyla Lee knows the law in relation to impairment by drugs, and is able to help you with your case.

Impaired by Drugs Charges

In an impaired by a drug charge, the prosecution does not have to prove what drug impaired you. The prosecution only has to prove that your ability to drive was impaired by a drug. Typically this is done using an evaluation called the Drug Recognition Evaluation, and a blood or urine sample. The testing of blood and urine has particular scientific procedures that must be followed to be considered reliable. Blood and urine tests often only show the presence of a drug in the body and do not necessarily mean a person is impaired by that drug.

Few lawyers in Canada have the required training to properly defend an impaired by drugs case. Kyla Lee has completed the Standardized Field Sobriety Testing and Drug Recognition Evaluation Training to be in the best position to spot flaws in the tests done by police to prove that you were on drugs.

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