Month: August 2019

Cannabis Plant Seizure Exposes Absurdity of Cannabis Laws in BC

A recent case out of Revelstoke has exposed some of the ridiculous realities of the cannabis laws in British Columbia.

During an art and garden tour, a police officer in Revelstoke, Constable Ling, observed three cannabis plants growing in the back yard of one of the properties. As a result of these observations, the officer conducted surveillance of the property by hiding in some nearby bushes and seeing if he could see the plants from the street using a telephoto lens.

When he was successfully able to do that, he took steps to identify the homeowners using information from the brochure for the garden tour and ICBC’s database. He then obtained a search warrant, pursuant to powers under BC’s Cannabis Act.

And that’s where the trouble really begins. …

Fenton Case an Important Reminder of Why Parole Exists

The family of the RCMP officer, Constable Sarah Beckett, who was killed by an impaired driver is crying out after her killer is being granted day parole. This was a tragic case that caught the attention of the entire province. Mr. Fenton, the driver of the vehicle that struck her police car, was sentenced to four years in prison following her death.

But this case is an important reminder of what the criminal justice system requires in both sentencing and how offenders serve their sentences. And so while the idea that Mr. Fenton may be getting day absences from a correctional facility, the reality is that this is better in the long term for the promotion of a safe and peaceful society in Canada. …

Kyla Lee on Radio NL

Kyla speaks her mind on the report that the federal ethics commissioner released on Wednesday about the SNC-Lavalin affair, finding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau guilty of violating Canada’s Conflict of Interest Act.

Kyla Lee on Vancouver Sun

Kyla Lee said the cyclist broke at least three laws under the Motor Vehicle Act and she suggested that the cyclist should be fined for his actions.

Kyla Lee on The Lynda Steele Show


Many friends of the Lynda Steele show have had their cars broken into in recent weeks, with the break-in’s happening for seemingly no reason. Kyla Lee, in this podcast, narrated how her car was smashed and nothing was taken.

Weird and Wacky Wednesdays Volume Sixty Four

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at a very shitty circumstance involving an arrest and charges out of Georgia. Then, we look at one of the more creative ways to participate in dying with dignity. Finally, we find a Florida man who did something stupid because what week would be complete without one?

Follow the jump to learn more about the weirdest and wackiest cases from this past week! …

Kyla Lee on The Ryan Jaspersen Show

The BC murder suspects may have been found dead, but many who expected answers are still feeling like law enforcement is keeping important information under wraps but according to Kyla Lee, the police don’t have any obligation beyond warning the public about dangers, to keep them informed on the progress of investigations.


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