August 2015

Your Right to Silence in Police DUI Investigations

As a dedicated driving lawyer, I deal with a lot of people who have got themselves into hot water for what they’ve said to police. A lot of my clients ask me what they are supposed to say when they have been stopped at a roadblock. While I can’t really answer what you’re supposed to say, since there doesn’t seem to be a helpful answer, I can provide some information on what you have to say when you’re stopped by police or when you are asked about drinking.

Drug Impaired Driving Part 2: Disputing a 24 Hour Prohibition for DrugsĀ 

I deal with a fair number of 24-Hour Prohibitions for Drugs in the course of my work. These types of prohibition are dangerous, in my opinion, because they can happen to anyone at any time or place on a roadway. They also involve greater consequences than what is told to the driver at the time the prohibition is issued. And disputing them is a complex and often expensive process, with results that do not really address the concerns a dispute process should. I’ve previously written about drug-impaired driving laws in Canada, and promised that I would follow up with more information about the 24-Hour for Drugs dispute process.
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