Month: April 2019

Kyla Lee on the Shane Woodford Show

This week, lawyer Kyla Lee joins Shane Woodford to discuss the approval of the latest drug testing device for cannabis: the Abbott SoToxa. Kyla and Shane also talk about the case of a man whose rights were violated during a police traffic stop and the subsequent testing that ensued.

Driving Law: Episode 54

This week, the Driving Law Podcast is guest-hosted by Paul Doroshenko of Acumen Law Corporation. Paul speaks with both Tim Schewe and Grant Gottgetreu about their experiences as speeding investigators, and what enforcement does and should look like for speeding violators. If you have ever received a speeding ticket or you want to dispute a speeding ticket, this podcast is a must-listen for helpful information and tips.

I’m also pleased to announce that the Driving Law podcast is now part of the Cannabis Media Collective!

You can listen online on SoundCloud, PlayerFM, or subscribe on iTunes!

Limitations on questioning during vehicle stops

A Supreme Court of British Columbia ruling has affirmed limitations placed on questioning by police during vehicle stops. The decision upholds previous case law that the scope of an officer’s questioning at the roadside must comply with the purpose of pulling someone over. That means evidence gathered during a stop for a traffic violation has to relate to the investigation into the traffic violation itself. Police officers cannot simply pull you over under the pretence of a routine traffic stop in order to conduct an investigation into a separate, more serious criminal matter without your knowing.

Every Canadian has the right not to be arbitrarily detained or imprisoned as well as various rights while they are arrested or detained. These rights are protected by the Charter. When a person is detained or questioned at the roadside this is an infringement of those rights. Infringements of rights are constitutionally valid so long as there is a valid reason and that reason can be justified under specific legislation. The enforcement of traffic laws is seen as a reasonable limit on motorist’s liberty. …

Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Forty Eight

This week, Weird and Wacky Wednesdays finally gets the joy of reviewing a second Lorena Bobbitt style incident. Then, we look at the case of a traffic stop where the person who was pulled over was not what was expected at all. Finally, we look at what is undeniably the weirdest visit to a Walmart that has ever occurred, at least outside the state of Florida. …

Driving Law with Kyla Lee: Episode 53 – Anniversary Best Of Edition

This week on the Driving Law podcast, Paul Doroshenko guest hosts the podcast to cover our one-year anniversary best-of the podcast extravaganza. Now, he selected our best of clips so these may not have been my favorite moments from the podcast, but they are some of our most-listened and highest-rated episodes and important clips from the past year of Driving Law!

I’m also pleased to announce that the Driving Law podcast is now part of the Cannabis Media Collective!

You can listen online on SoundCloud, PlayerFM, or subscribe on iTunes!

Can You Fail It? Easter Edition

n honour of Easter we are doing a special episode of Can You Fail It? We are testing whether or not you can fail a breathalyzer test on the basis of having recently consumed hot cross buns. There are many different products that can cause a person to register a falsely high reading on a breathalyzer, and we find out in the above video whether a hot cross bun is one such product.

Watch the video above and let us know in the comments whether you have any ideas of anything else we should test!

Kyla Lee on the Shane Woodford Show

Vancouver lawyer Kyla Lee joins the Shane Woodford Show on Radio NL news as a regular guest, discussing a variety of topics related to impaired driving, cannabis legalization, criminal law, and politics. This week, Kyla discusses legislation to eliminate the requirement that cyclists stop at stop signs, a case where drunk driving was excused because of necessity, and our research project involving cannabis impaired driving.
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