Month: May 2019

Driving Law: Episode 59

Kyla and Paul discuss a recent story involving people who lease cars from BMW and then take them out of Canada.

There’s an interesting case from traffic court involving a man who claimed he was speeding to get away from an erratic driver.

The topic of people who cannot provide breath samples for breathalyzer tests is also discussed.

I’m also pleased to announce that the Driving Law podcast is now part of the Cannabis Media Collective!

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Join the Canadian Impaired Driving Lawyers Association!

A few years ago, I founded the Canadian Impaired Driving Lawyers Association.

We are a small organization of members, dedicated to the practice of impaired driving law. Our organization consists of some of the best and brightest legal minds in Canada as they pertain to DUI and impaired driving law. We have an active membership who have participated in constitutional challenges, leading cases at the Supreme Court of Canada, and scientific testing of breath and saliva testing equipment.

If you are not a member, but you are a lawyer whose practice focuses on DUI defence, please consider joining the Canadian Impaired Driving Lawyers Association. Contact us on our website and we will be in touch about your membership!

Kyla Lee on Global News at 6 speaking about Day Parole

Kyla Lee spoke with GlobalBC reporter Kristen Robinson about the issue of day parole, which can be sought earlier than regular parole ineligibility periods. The family of a murdered Vancouver Island teenager is outraged that her killers are now able to apply for early release, only seven years into their sentence. Day parole is an important aspect of the justice system and rehabilitation, but there is really no restriction on who can apply for it upon becoming eligible to request it. This can mean that families of victims of crime, and the victims themselves in some cases, can be retraumatized by these requests and by having to relive the nightmares they went through.

Kyla Lee on Charles Adler Tonight

Vancouver DUI Lawyer Kyla Lee joins Charles Adler to discuss the case of a man with COPD and extreme asthma who has been given not one but two roadside prohibitions in the last few months. The reason? He has difficulty blowing into a breathalyzer. Kyla and Charles talk about why this happens, what police could do differently, and how this is a systemic problem in the Immediate Roadside Prohibition review scheme. Listen to the full interview starting at the 38 minute mark!

Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Fifty Three

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at how a penis can just go missing. Then, we examine the circumstances of a Russian scientist who took the term “spoiler alert” a little too seriously. Finally, we look at a situation involving a heroic man who did not want to hand over his prized possession to a mugger.

Follow the jump for this week’s roundup of Weird and Wacky legal content! …

Driving Law: Episode 58

Kyla and Paul introduce a new feature called Ridiculous Driver of the Week.

There’s discussion about the federal government’s recent announcement that it will provide more funding for impaired driving enforcement in BC over the next five years.

Also, Kyla and Paul divulge things police frequently do in traffic court that people should look out for because they are not actually permissible.

I’m also pleased to announce that the Driving Law podcast is now part of the Cannabis Media Collective!

You can listen online on SoundCloud, PlayerFM, or subscribe on iTunes!

Kyla Lee on Global News At 6

Vancouver criminal lawyer Kyla Lee spoke with Global News this evening about the charges in a high-profile Lower Mainland murder case. She discussed the definition of accessory after the fact of murder and what is required for the Crown to prove the charge. You can watch the full newscast here, with Kyla’s interview at the very beginning.

Kyla Lee on The Shane Woodford Show

Kyla Lee joins Shane Woodford on the Shane Woodford Show to discuss a recent announcement of federal funding for impaired driving enforcement in British Columbia. They also discuss the case of a man who had a job offer rescinded for having a positive urine test for cannabis, BEFORE he started working. Finally, Shane and Kyla look at how the CSA is attempting to define what cannabis impairment looks like in the workplace, and whether this is a good idea. Tune in above!
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