Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Fifty Two

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesday we are looking into how a vibrator became part of a government funded dispute tribunal. Then, a man who knifed a lawyer with another lawyer’s knife. And finally, a story about a law graduate who is too hot to get a job.

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Good Vibrations

A B.C. man has carried out the ultimate breakup revenge. The Civil Resolution Tribunal (CRT) ruled that he gets to keep his ex-girlfriend’s Hitachi Magic Wand aka the ‘Cadillac of Vibrators.’First off, how does a vibrator become part of a dispute at the CRT? The CRT is an online tribunal that resolves various types of disputes. The case of the Magic Wand is an excellent example of a Small Claims dispute valued at under $5,000.So what happened is that the couple broke up and the ex-boyfriend wanted to get back his two down pillows and the vibrator. The ex-girlfriend was obviously not impressed. The decision of the CRT depended on whether the ex-girlfriend could prove that the pillows and vibrators were meant as gifts. She was unsuccessful.The ex-girlfriend tried to argue that Magic Wands are intended for women only and not men. But the CRT rejected this argument and did not agree that Magic Wands are gender specific.The ex-girlfriend now has 30 days to return the pillows and vibrator and she will also have to pay $125 in tribunal fees.The ex-boyfriend will now live happily ever after.

Another Florida story….

This story is a great reminder why Florida lawyers should require security 24/7… or should they.Gordon James King was charged with multiple offenses after he brutally stabbed a lawyer.During a deposition, King was unimpressed about a no-contact order that had been filed against him on his ex-wife’s behalf. King started yelling to show his frustration. Then things really escalated.King pushed aside his own lawyer while dusting the courtroom with some colourful language. He stormed across the room and proceeded to punch his ex-wife’s lawyer in the head and chest area. After being alerted by a member of the public that the police had been called, King began to slam the lawyer’s head onto the table.That’s not even the weird and wacky part. The weirdest and wackiest part is that the lawyer being attacked had a knife in his pocket and started slashing King. What lawyer carries a knife into a courthouse??Unfortunately for the lawyer, King gained control of the knife and stabbed the lawyer while yelling “I’m killing you.” But once the lawyer said, “I think you already have.” King stopped attacking the lawyer. King later justified his behavior by saying he “just lost it again.”So a few things:
King said he “just lost it again.” So has something similar happened before?

The court reporter is typing along as usual while all this is going down… hence the quotations in this story.

And what lawyers brings a knife into a courthouse?

Too Hot to Argue

A law graduate claims that she is too hot to get a job. I can relate. That’s why I settled for Acumen Law Corporation….kidding.

But seriously, a London-based (wannabe) lawyer claims that she has not been offered a job because she is too beautiful. Irina Kova said that men don’t take her seriously because she is too hot and women bosses don’t trust her. She also said that male bosses prefer to hire less attractive women so they are not distracted from their work.

So, in response Kova did what any person would do: tried to make herself less attractive. But that did not work either. No wig or glasses can dull her beauty.

Kova has since thrown in the towel on the possibility of being a lawyer and now sells (and models) for her own online retail company.

Kudos to playing up your strengths!

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