Representation Matters

We have a problem as lawyers with diversity. Having and retaining diverse members of the bar requires the visibility of diverse people in leadership roles.

The Law Society of BC recognises this and that’s why it is calling for greater representation of lawyers from diverse backgrounds to stand as Benchers.

I am a proud Métis woman. My heritage has given me first-hand experience of the unique challenges faced by Indigenous lawyers. Before I entered law I obtained a Bachelor of Arts with a major in First Nations Studies. I worked as an educational assistant with children with disabilities at the Institute for Aboriginal Health. As a young lawyer, I understand the struggles that many young Indigenous lawyers face.

Representation matters. If we are to encourage more Indigenous and BIPOC people to become lawyers in BC, having more diverse decision makers is an important step. Visibility fosters greater diversity.  

If elected as Bencher I will be the first Metis woman ever to fill a spot as Bencher of the Law Society of BC for Vancouver and only the second Metis person and second Indigenous woman ever.

We have to do better.

That’s why, if I am elected to represent you as a Bencher of the Law Society, I will ensure that the Law Society’s calls for diversity at the Bencher table are more than just service.  I am calling for a permanent role for an elected Indigenous Bencher and if elected I will do everything in my power to ensure that happens. The Law Society recognises it has a problem. All it needs is the right person to pick up the ball and run with it.

This is an important reconciliation initiative and one that will help attract and keep Indigenous people in the profession.

Vote for me as Bencher of the Law Society here. Voting ends on November 13 at 5pm.

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