Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume 131

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at what not to wear for a court appearance, burgers so good they’re worth losing your pants over, and a billion dollar drugs bust that failed to live up to expectations.

Follow the jumps to see which weird and wacky stories made the cut this week.

Dress to confess

I stress to my clients all the time the importance of wearing appropriate attire in Court. Whether you like it or not, making the right first impression can play a significant part in how you come across.

Well one man clearly did not get the memo when he showed up to a courtroom wearing the same shirt he had worn to allegedly commit a crime. CCTV pictures of a man wearing a green North Face t-shirt were posted on a Facebook group alongside claims he had stolen packages from people’s porches.

The very next day the man in the photos appeared in a courtroom wearing the exact same shirt. While if he was there for reasons related to the theft of the packages or another offence, police at the court arrested the man.

No pants no service

Anyone who’s been to California will attest that the fast food chain In ‘N’ Out Burger is simply incredible. While it’s worth the trip alone, I’m not so sure it’s worth waiting 14 hours for and it’s definitely not worth losing your pants in a fight.

This is exactly what happened to one hungry customer in our next story. The man joined eager fans in a 14-hour-long line of traffic at a new In ‘N’ Out location in Colorado. With tempers high, a fight broke out and in the ensuing brawl one of the fighters lost his pants. On onlooker who caught the food fight on camera claimed it broke out after a driver cut in front of someone else in the line. I know it’s only a burger, but this is America – people have been shot for less.

When a bust is a bust

Imagine the pride Thailand’s police must have felt when they announced to the media the biggest drugs haul in the nation’s history. They claimed to have secured nearly 12 tonnes of ketamine worth an estimated US$1bn.

Now imagine their embarrassment when the enormous haul of white powder turned out to be a cleaning agent. The mistake was put down to a “technical error” in field testing. No one is more aware of the shortcomings in police field testing equipment than I am but even that surprises me.

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