Weird and Wacky Wednesday: Volume 181

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we leave the rain and the cold of January and travel to sunny Florida. There, we explore why you should always tip the bartender. Then, we look at a pretty weak defence in a drug possession case. Finally, we consider the problem with using glitter as a weapon.

Follow the jump to learn more about this week’s weirdest and wackiest legal cases from Florida!

Don’t Forget to Tip the Bartender

You know two things if you’ve ever been to Key West, Florida.

First, it is the southernmost point of the continental United States. There is a funny little buoy marker to advertise where tourists take photographs.

Second, you know that Irish Kevins on Duval Street is the most happening bar in the town, but you must tip your bartender.

But there’s another reason you should always tip your bartender. The buoy was damaged on New Year’s Eve when two drunk guys managed to light a palm frond on fire and wave it around the buoy.

There was some footage of the incident, and police put out a call-in town for the culprits to be identified.

It turns out they had not tipped their bartender at Irish Kevins earlier in the night. He recognized them, found the credit card receipts with their names, and turned the information over to the police.

The two were then arrested and charged for damaging the landmark.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Florida

We’ve explored many defences of “the drugs are not mine” on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays.

But this week, we look at a pretty open-and-shut case for the fact that this guy knew that the drugs on his, um, person were, in fact, there.

After a routine traffic stop turned into a drug possession investigation, police searched a man in the vehicle. The search turned into a strip search, and police discovered drugs literally wrapped around the man’s penis.

Lo and behold, the man denied the drugs were his or that he had any knowledge of their existence. Something tells me that argument will not hold up in court.

Here’s the thing about Glitter

Since we’re on the theme of Florida, two Florida women were recently arrested in a bizarre attack on a man.

The women went to his residence, where some argument ensued in the street. They ended up throwing containers of glitter at him while he stood on his deck. Then, they entered the residence and continued to throw glitter at the man, who eventually reported it to the police.

The women left before the police arrived. They were stopped in their car, and police quickly connected the dots with clear and compelling evidence that they were the ones responsible for the attack. How do you ask?

Well, that’s the thing about glitter. That shit sticks to everything. So they were caught red, um, I mean, glitter-handed.

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