Weird and Wacky Wednesday: Volume 182

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at the case of a curious poisoning event in a retirement home. Then, we examine how flouting the law can confront the law. Finally, we give some side-eye at the premier of Ontario… need I say more?

Follow the jump to learn more about this week’s weirdest and wackiest cases from around the globe!

The best day at the senior’s home

Look, it’s been tough to live in assisted living for the last few years. And everyone who is part of that community is currently looking for ways to lighten the mood. Take one South Dakota woman who came home to find a batch of brownies baked by her son in her house. She took them to the senior’s home and shared them with all her friends.

I’m sure you’ve already guessed what happened next.

Police were called about several possible poisoning complaints, and the investigation quickly revealed that the brownies were the culprit. They had been baked with THC butter – unbeknownst to the good Samaritan who brought them in to share.

Unfortunately for her son, possession of cannabis is not legal in South Dakota. He was charged with possessing a controlled substance and released on bond.

Speaking of cannabis

As we know here in Canada, lots of US states have legalized cannabis. And many have not. Every election, the legalization issue features as a healthy debate topic.

In Louisiana – a state where cannabis is not currently legal – one candidate is fighting misinformation and stigma about the plant by actively using it in his campaign videos.

In one video, he sits in an outdoor leather armchair and starts reciting facts about the over-incarceration of Black, Latino, and other non-white Americans for cannabis offences, the percentage of the jail population made up by cannabis offenders, and responds to the multi-billion-dollar industry that is the criminalization of pot.

It’s a darn good video, and bold to commit a crime on a video that will be seen by potential voters.

Meanwhile, in Ford-land

Doug Ford is always under some sort of controversy. But this latest one is hilarious. In a seemingly altruistic act during a recent Ontario snowstorm, Ford took to the streets in his personal vehicle to dig out stuck Ontarians.

And even though driving conditions were at their worst, Dougie decided to give a televised interview … while actively driving in the snow. This is made worse by the fact that under his government, Ontario introduced extremely strict distracted driving laws that would make using FaceTime while driving a serious motor vehicle offence.

Oh well. His heart was in the right place, right?

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