Kyla on News 1130: Uber driver fined $500 for ‘fake’ passenger pickup in Surrey

An Uber driver suggests he was lured into picking up a customer in Surrey only to find bylaw officers instead.

As the driver was waiting for his passenger at a liquor store, he says six bylaw officers approached his car at 74th Avenue and King George Boulevard.

Lawyer Kyla Lee explains there’s an exception that’s allowing Uber drivers to be targeted.

“Any officer who has stopped the driver of a vehicle can demand the driver produce identification so that is how they are getting around it,” he says. “They wouldn’t otherwise have that power to require identification in a bylaw case.”

Some other cities have the same exceptions but Lee says this is an unprecedented use of those powers.

“It opens the doors for charter challenges for the information that was obtained,” Lee says. “For people to say this was an abuse of power, the bylaw goes too far.”

She says drivers could challenge it as a privacy violation, but believes the court would probably side with the city.

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