Can You Fail a Breathalyzer with Monster Energy?

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In the second of our series of experiments about energy drinks, we take a look at a new product. This time we find out, can you fail a breathalyzer with Monster Energy drink?

Last time on Can You Fail It we tried out Red Bull in the name of science. We are trying to see if any energy drinks can give a false reading on an approved screening device (ASD).

You might use Monster Energy to stay awake and alert. Truck drivers hauling cargo across the Coquihalla might drink it. But what if they get stopped at a roadblock and have to give a breath sample? Will they give a reading on an ASD even if they haven’t had a drop of alcohol?

In “Can You Fail It?”, we put everyday household items to the test to ask, Can You Fail It? Will Monster energy fool the breathalyzer?

A blood alcohol content (BAC) reading between 0 and 0.049 will see you a pass on a breath test. A reading of 0.05 to 0.79 is a “warn” while 0.08 or higher is a “fail”. Watch the video to find out can you fail a breathalyzer with Monster Energy.

To see some of the previous items we have tested in the name of science, take a look at our YouTube playlist.

Watch the video to find out: can you fail a breathalyzer with Monster Energy?

You can see the results of our experiment with Red Bull here.

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