Kyla in B.C. woman ticketed for distracted driving in 2-hour COVID testing lineup

According to a report from Daily Hive , an officer spotted Kaytlin Quinn holding her phone in her hand as she spoke to her brother on speakerphone during the 2.5-hour wait for the PCR test on Dec 22. She was removed from the lineup, ticketed, and allowed to return to her place in line. 

Lawyer Kyla Lee is representing Quinn pro bono, saying that the $300 ticket and potential insurance rate increase that could come with it was a disappointing decision by the officer.  

“It shocks me that an officer would have voluntarily decided to interact with somebody who might have COVID-19 and get close enough to them to get their driver’s licence, identify them, and serve them a ticket. It’s just not common sense,” she told Daily Hive, adding that she believes the ticket does not serve the spirit of B.C.’s distracted driving laws, which are designed to make roads safer. 

Read the full story here.

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