Weird and Wacky Wednesday: Volume 180

Happy New Year everyone!

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesday, we first learn about an NFL fan who is suing his favourite sports league and teams for what he calls, false advertising. Then, we hear about the obvious, natural reaction to not being able to buy the snacks you want at your favourite fast-food restaurant. And finally, we’ll end with a bit of a heartwarming story, about a man and dog, to welcome in the new year!

Follow the jump to learn more about this week’s weirdest and wackiest cases from around the globe!

Um, we’re not in New York anymore

An angry sports fan, more specifically, a football fan of the NFL’s New York Jets and Giants, has had enough of what he calls the false advertising coming from the teams and the National Football League as a whole.

He has filed a lawsuit against the NFL and the two New York teams respectively, saying that the fact that the two teams play their home games in New Jersey, while having the city of New York on team names, is false advertising and distressing to residents of New York who are fans of the teams.

His lawsuit revolves around the fact that using the title of ‘New York’ drives more profits for the league and the teams than they would get had they been accurately named after the state they play in, which is New Jersey.

He also says that travelling to the games out of state costs residents of New York insane amounts of money, and also that he and other fans are insulted and harassed by fans of other NFL teams ‘due to the affiliation of the Giants and Jets with the State of New York rather than their true home, New Jersey.’

This lawsuit was just recently filed, so nothing has come of it yet, but if anything, actually does, we’re about to see sports fans all over suing their sports teams for emotional distress for not winning a championship every year!

Hand over the Hush Puppy and no one gets hurt

At a Long John Silver drive-thru in Indiana, an employee was kicked in her stomach after she told a customer what they wanted was sold in twos, not singles.

The snack the customer wanted one of was a Hush Puppy, which the employee informed the customer could only be sold in a pair.

Once the customer heard this, she got angry and started swearing at the employee, eventually going into the store, throwing things around and then ending the tirade by kicking the employee in the stomach. The employee is pregnant but is unsure if the customer knew that at the time of the assault.

The customer drove away and the police are still looking for them.

I’m surprised this act of foodie violence wasn’t about a McDonald’s claiming their ice cream machine is broken.

The best friends in the world

This last story isn’t really weird or wacky, in fact, it’s quite heartwarming. But since it’s my first weird and wacky Wednesday of 2022, I think I’ll end the blog with this feel-good story about a man and his dog.

In New Hampshire, after what appeared to be a lost dog was seen out and wandering in the middle of a highway, worried citizens called the police in hopes of safely capturing the animal.

Once police arrived, the dog was able to evade their capture and led them to a nearby off-road forest area, where it turns out, the dog’s owner and his friend had gotten into a car wreck, where they were thrown from the vehicle.

Both were seriously injured and were starting to show signs of hypothermia by the time police found them. As it turns out, the dog led the police to them just in time, and ultimately played a big role in saving their lives.

Just in case you needed another reason to love dogs, here it is.

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