Wicked and Witchy Wednesday: Volume Seventy-Five

Happy Halloween picture

Since it’s nearly Halloween, this Weird and Wacky Wednesday will be a spooky spectacular. All Hallows’ Eve is a topsy-turvy time when conventions get flipped and people’s inner freaks come out to play. This week features a man taking his commitment to a comic-book villain to extremes, a fight over a political costume choice and a group of teens whose mischief might lead to serious charges.

Prepare for scares and follow the jump but enter at your own risk.

Why so serious?

Lawrence Sullivan mugshotIn terms of the most popular costume choice for Halloween 2019, there can be only one winner: Joker. Joaquin Phoenix’s portrayal of Batman’s arch-nemesis has inspired an army of edgy young men to don face paint and dye their hair green.

One Florida man clearly has an affinity for the Clown Prince of Crime. Lawrence Sullivan’s hair is dyed green and his face is covered in tattoos which include “joker”, a knife piercing the bat-signal and the scars of Heath Ledger’s character in The Dark Knight.

Sullivan was in the news after being arrested for a probation violation. He gained notoriety in 2017 after he was arrested for allegedly pointing a gun at traffic and his mugshot caught the media’s attention.

I bet he wonders how he keeps getting caught. After all, he’s so inconspicuous.

Inane Clown Posse

Creepy clown costume for HalloweenDoes anyone remember a few years ago when there were a bunch of sightings of people dressed as creepy clowns in weird places like forests and the sides of highways? Well, like disco, it seems as if the bizarre trend never left.

A group of young men who call themselves “SD Killa Clowns” have been posting videos on social media showing them in clown costumes on a school’s campus. They are now wanted by police and face potential felony vandalism charges after graffiti was allegedly found on the property.

Causing mischief is a central part of Halloween. It’s called trick or treating for a reason. But I guess clowning around can go wrong.

Make America Ghoulish Again

A Florida teenager is in trouble for an incident at a Halloween-themed event. The 14-year-old girl allegedly walked up to a man dressed as Donald Trump waiting in line at a fairground and punched him in the face while her friends recorded it.

The man was reportedly punched in the jaw in front of his family while they were waiting to go into a haunted house exhibit.

Who knows if the man’s costume was a show of support or if he was ironically dressed as the president of the United States. Either way, the girl now faces a misdemeanour charge of battery.

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