Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Seventy Four

Picture depicting a man continuing to smoke during a robbery at a bar

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look not at what not to do during a robbery, but what to do if you want to come out without anything stolen. Then, we look at a sad story about a surprise visitor. Finally, we ask ourselves whether an arrest has taken place quicker than this one case out of Alberta?

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Keep Calm and Smoke On

I have some mad respect for badassery, but this guy takes the cake. While sitting at a bar casually enjoying a beer, this fantastic man became the unwitting victim of an armed robbery. And while all the bar patrons ducked under the bar and under their table for cover, this one awesome human just stayed in his chair.

As the thief demanded his cell phone and wallet, the man simply continued to sip his beer and smoke a cigarette, as though nothing bad was happening.  

Talk about nerves of steel!

The best part is that the robber, undeterred by the man’s nonchalance, proceeded to rip off all the other customers before returning to the man. But the ballsy dude just waved him off… and so the thief left without any money or belongings from this man.

Honestly. This guy is a hero.

Don’t Visit Your Florida Neighbours

Norway flagOkay, this story is actually really sad. But it would be a lot more sad if it weren’t kind of a little funny. Hence why it is featured on this blog.

A man flew all the way from Norway to Florida in order to visit his father-in-law. And when he arrived at his father-in-law’s home, he found that he was not there. In order to make the visit extra-special, Christopher Bergen decided to hide in the bushes outside his father-in-law’s house and to pop out and surprise him upon his return home.

And surprise him he did.

Unfortunately, as most of the readers of this series know, people in Florida come heavily armed. And Bergen’s father-in-law was no exception. In his surprise, he drew his firearm and fired at Bergen, killing him instantly.  

Where’s a Cop When You Need One

Stolen credit cardOne of my favourite lines from a trial ever was when a witness saw a vehicle collision and thought to himself, “where’s a cop when you need one.” And there one was.

 In this case, that line is equally apt. A man in southern Alberta attempted to use a stolen credit card to purchase a Red Bull at a convenience store. But when the credit card did not work after a few swipes, the store clerk took a good look at the receipt. Turns out, the card was stolen.

The store clerk didn’t have to try to surreptitiously call the police, however, as a police officer just so happened to be waiting in line right behind the alleged credit card thief. And so the man was subsequently arrested without incident.

 Sometimes the stars just align… just not for the credit card user in this case.

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