Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Seventy-Three

Picture to show burglar stealing a security camera

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we have a security camera that caught its own theft, security at an airport were left scratching their heads trying to solve an aviation mystery and when being a fan of the movie Superbad goes wrong.

Follow the jump to find out who made headlines this week for all the wrong reasons.

One name? Who are you, Seal?


A 20-year-old Iowa City man was clearly a fan of the movie Superbad. Daniel Alfredo Burleson was arrested on suspicion of using a fake ID at a bar. What was the name on the ID? McLovin.

That’s not the only similarity to the fake ID used by the character Fogel in Superbad to buy booze, it also said it was from Hawaii. Burleson told police he bought the ID on Amazon, so maybe it was a joke prop.

Unfortunately for Burleson, the police officer who spotted him at the bar was not as cool as the cops in the movie. He was arrested on suspicion of possession of a fictitious licence, unlawfully possessing alcohol, public intoxication and being under the legal age in a bar.

To be honest, I’m not sure Fogel’s “old enough to party” excuse would hold up in court.

Caught on camera

 What do you do when you are worried about items being stolen from your doorstep? You might decide to install a security camera. But what do you do when your security camera also gets stolen? Well, check the footage, of course.

That’s exactly the situation a Langley homeowner found herself in when she noticed two of her home cameras were missing. After watching the recording back, it showed a hooded man walking onto her front porch and snatching the device. Another camera captured him taking it off the wall and putting it in his pocket.

Nothing else was stolen from the house, so maybe the thief wanted to beef up his home security. And who can blame him when there are people like him around.

Now boarding all magicians

Passengers going through airport security checkWe all know airport security is tight. It’s gotten to the point where the overzealousness of airport employees has been turned into a meme. Which makes this next story all the more intriguing.

A woman somehow managed to board a flight out of Orlando without an ID or boarding pass. Employees were only alerted after she was found to be in another person’s seat and was asked to show a ticket. Authorities are still trying to figure out how she did it.

But it gets better. When she was challenged about her boarding pass and refused to show one, she was asked for an official ID. She tried to show a selfie as proof of her identity and staff had to inform her that it wasn’t a valid form of identification.

She was eventually removed from the flight but authorities were left scratching their heads about how she had managed to get through security. I mean who is she, Carmen Sandiego?

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