Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Seventy Two

A Russian man has filed a lawsuit against Apple

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we crown what is officially the stupidest lawsuit ever. Then, we look at the case of a very creative drug dealer who also was very bold and brazen. Finally, we look at one marriage that ended in something much rarer than divorce, death, or disaster.

Follow the jump to learn more about this week’s weirdest and wackiest legal cases.

Stupidest Lawsuit Ever

In this blog series, the claim that something is the stupidest lawsuit ever comes with a pretty high bar to meet. But this case of a Russian man who is suing Apple takes the cake.

The Russian man is suing Apple because he got a message on his iPhone – not sent or authorized or endorsed by Apple in any way – that suggested he not knock being gay until he tried it. Since having homosexual sex to see what it was like apparently made perfect sense to the man, he followed the unsolicited advice.

And then he did it again and again and again. Turns out, as the lawsuit claims, this message spurred him into a homosexual relationship and he fell in love. God forbid.

But the iPhone is apparently to blame because it facilitated his gay romance. And his sexual orientation I’m sure had absolutely nothing to do with it.  

Creative Packaging

Meanwhile, in Arkansas, a woman is charged with trafficking methamphetamine. The woman was engaged in a highly creative endeavour, however, after she used an unusual method to transport her drugs.  

No, this case does not involve cavity searches.

Instead, the woman twisted up the little dime baggies of meth and wrapped them with elastics in a bow shape. She then pinned them in her hair, blatantly and flagrantly wearing them as accessories.

To be honest, it’s rather genius. What person is going to walk around with drugs in plain view on the top of their head? The police must have had some pretty compelling information to be allowed to search her hair accessories.  

Anyway, it didn’t work out and she is now facing criminal charges.

A Basis for More Than Divorce

 A man in Ontario has successfully persuaded a judge not to grant him a divorce, but an annulment. This is a legal finding that the marriage never happened in the first place.

Popular folklore indicates that a marriage can be annulled if you are Britney Spears, or if you have not consummated the marriage. That means if you haven’t had sex. But this is not, in fact, legally accurate in Canada. There must be something more than just a denial of sex for a marriage to become invalid.

In this case, the man succeeded in persuading the judge that his marriage should be annulled because his would-have-been wife was physically incapable of having sex with him. She was so overcome with anxiety about it that they could not engage in any sexual act.

Maybe he should have bought a Russian iPhone?

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