Weird and Wacky Wednesdays Volume Seventy One

Drinking and driving: a sushi food truck features this week

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at the case of a curious break and enter into a food truck. Then, we examine a very unusual defence to a drinking and driving case. And finally, we look at a man who may have had the worst wedding day of all time.

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There’s Something Fishy About this Break and Enter

This case comes all the way from New Zealand, where a sushi food truck was recently the subject of two break and enters — both on the same day. Staff knew something was wrong when they could hear a strange cooing sound coming from the grill. When they investigated, they found the intruders in hiding. 


New Zealand’s police were called to remove the unwanted guest. But as it turns out the intruder was not a person with a really bad hankering for sushi. Instead, the police apprehended two penguins who had ma

naged to break into the food truck twice.

Thankfully, they were released on their own recognizance.

An Unusual Drinking While Driving Defence

 A Florida woman – because what Weird and Wacky Wednesdays is truly complete without Florida – was recently arrested for drinking while driving.

She was called in by witnesses who saw her driving erratically down the highway. They noticed that she appeared to be drinking something while behind the wheel. And so police located the vehicle and intercepted her. It seems like she had a good time that night, because her hair was a mess, her clothing askew, and she was missing her shoes.

 But when police confronted her about the fact that she was literally drinking from an open can of White Claw while driving, she told them that she did not think that was illegal because it is only 5% alcohol.

 Something tells me that defence won’t hold up in court. But what do I know?

Get Me to the Church On Time

Drinking and driving at a wedding reception

Meanwhile, in a case much closer to home, Kamloops RCMP recently arrested a man in a “bait bike” sting. Think bait cars, but with bicycles. And while ordinarily being arrested for stealing a bike that has been planted wouldn’t qualify a person for a feature in this series this man was in a slightly different scenario.

But the best part – the man was on his way from his wedding to his wedding reception. He was driving his truck, allegedly while prohibited, and stopped to pick up a bicycle which he then put in the bed of the truck. Police apprehended him and took him into the police station. When his bride called to find out where they were, she was informed that her brand new husband had been arrested.

What a way to spend a wedding day!

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