Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Thirteen

This week we have a very sexy edition of Weird and Wacky Wednesdays. We cover off three separate cases that show you how sex, love, and marriage can get you in a whole world of trouble. First, we look at a case involving a woman in Vancouver who was allegedly sleeping with her lawyer after marrying another man for money. Then, a police officer in trouble for using his body camera in a more Kardashian-esque manner. And finally, we look at the case of a couple who got more meat than they wanted at a steakhouse dinner.


Cheating with Your Lawyer is a Bad Idea
If only someone had told this to PeiPei Li, who is alleged to have had an affair with her business lawyer during her short-lived relationship with a Chinese businessman. The case is fascinating, as it appears that Ms. Li was lavished with gifts from both men and both are now suing her, while she is suing her ex-husband for millions of dollars over a short-lived Las Vegas wedding. Her lawyer is claiming that she bilked him for $1.3 Million in cash and gifts, while her former lover is claiming that she used the affair with the lawyer to work against his interests in the management of their shared company.

But the case isn’t just interesting for its connection to the consequences of sex, lies, and cash. It’s also interesting from a legal ethics perspective. In order for his lawsuit to be successful, the lawyer in this case essentially has to admit to ethical wrongdoing including sleeping with a client when he was representing two clients, which then put him in a conflict of interest and, well, sleeping with a client in a way that compromised his judgment in her case.

So sleeping with your lawyer while in a relationship with your business partner, whom you ultimately marry, then quickly divorce… generally not going to end well for anyone involved. And it’s looking that way for Ms. Li, her lawyer, and her ex-husband in this case.

Whole Body Cam
A police officer in Arizona was caught on camera, having sex in his office, in his police uniform. His bodycam was used to film the whole four-minute event. And this wasn’t just a video that was seen while it was happening. It was a video that he downloaded from his bodycam software and saved to his computer, in a folder disgustingly labelled “fun times.” Oh, but it gets better. The officer apparently had over 40 gigabytes of pornographic content saved on his computer in that same folder.

He was fired from the force, but disputed his discipline, stating that he should have been given a week-long suspension. One of the reasons for this? He claimed that he had the pornography on a flash drive, not downloaded to a personal computer. Because that makes bringing an obscene amount of porn to your workplace okay. Some people should just learn to accept when they’ve been given their just desserts and go home, to their internet connection. After all, there’s plenty of porn available at home and no one can complain about that.


That’s Not What I Meant When I Said I Wanted Beef
A man in Florida (because it’s almost always a man in Florida) was recently arrested after performing a striptease in a Kobe Steakhouse restaurant. And no, this is not one of those strip-n-steak places common in the Southern United States. Instead, a happy married couple was simply trying to enjoy some beef when they got more meat than they had bargained for.

The man was arrested for disorderly conduct. In Canada, a similar offence would be indecent act. These offences are rather serious, particularly if children are present or there are locations where children could be expected to be present. However, by all accounts the private dancer in this case was simply a little drunk and possibly on drugs. Here’s hoping next time he’s hungry for the stage he finds an appropriate outlet for his desires.

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