Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Ten

In this week’s edition of Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at crying the courtroom, which is certainly unusual but not unprecedented. Then, we move on to a naked man just trying to get some exercise. And we finish off with a case involving a man suing his ex-wife’s lover after discovering the affair.

In alternate titles for this week’s post, I was thinking “Why are some men so shitty?” Because, well, read on to find out why some men are so shitty.


Big Girls Don’t Cry
Word has come out of a horrendous and not-at-all-hilarious practice in the United States, in which male trial lawyers file motions against female counsel to prevent them from having “emotional displays” in the courtroom. They are known as no-crying motions. But women display emotions as a result of social conditioning, and not as a result of some inherent weakness in our gender.

If such an application were brought in the course of trial in a Canadian courtroom, it is extremely likely that the lawyer bringing the motion would quickly wind up in front of the Law Society. Emotion, like anything else, has an appropriate time and place in the courtroom. And if certain men, inclined to file certain disgusting motions feel otherwise, maybe they should assess why they are so dead inside.

Jumping Jack Flash
A man in Tennessee was arrested recently after being found buck naked in a women’s washroom in McDonald’s, doing jumping jacks. He was charged with public indecency, public intoxication, and trespass. Indecent acts are covered in our Criminal Code, as is public nudity. Public nudity is a summary offence, while indecent act is a hybrid offence and could result in a maximum jail term of two years.

But factor in intoxication and the man might have a defence to the offence, depending on his degree of intoxication. At the end of the day, a case like this probably deserves counselling and to be diverted. Mostly because the public humiliation of being arrested for this entirely strange offence is, really, punishment enough.


You Can’t Sue Your Wife for Cheating… But You Can Sue Her Lover
In a ridiculous lawsuit, a man sued his ex-wife’s lover for alienation of affection and “criminal conversation” and was awarded $8.8 Milliion by a North Carolina judge. Because apparently according to antiquated and wholly sexist North Carolina law, a woman’s vagina is her husband’s property and you can sue another man for entering it.

Think of it like trespass but for sex organs.

And even worse is that several states have these types of laws, which basically require the plaintiff to prove that they tried to save the marriage and despite this, their poor little heart got broken. I’m not sure what he’s going to do with all that money, but I hope he buys himself a lot of counselling so that he can realize that his wife is allowed to move on.

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