Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Sixty-Six

Weird and Wacky ice creams

A visitor to McDonalds clearly wasn’t “lovin’ it” this week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays. Also, there’s a customs horror story from – where else? – the United States. And finally, has there been the first-ever case of a crime committed in space?

It sounds like a case for Doctor Who.

McDonalds melee

weird and wacky fight breaks out at mcdonaldsMcDonalds ice cream machines are notoriously unreliable. Complaints about them are so common, broken McDonalds ice cream machines have become an internet meme.

The fast-food giant has promised to upgrade its malfunctioning devices at locations worldwide, but it would seem one restaurant did not receive its replacement soon enough.

A video that shows, what appears to be, a fight between a customer and an employee at a McDonalds went viral this week. In the footage, both parties can be seen picking up random objects from around the restaurant and the front counter and flinging them at each other.

According to media reports, the argument started because the customer was angry at the ice cream machine being out of order so she could not buy a frozen treat. It’s not clear if anyone was arrested or if the woman later went to Dairy Queen.

Honey/Meth mix-up

A man says he was wrongfully imprisoned for three months after customs officials at an US airport mistook bottles of honey for meth.

Weird and wacky: honey was mistaken for meth

Leon Houghton was bringing some jars of honey back from a trip to Jamaica so he could enjoy it with his tea. When he landed at Baltimore Washington International Airport in Maryland, he said customs detained him. He was told the reason was the jars had tested positive for meth.

The local crime lab was not set up to be able to test liquids such as honey, so the jars had to be sent to another lab in Georgia. While awaiting the test results, Mr. Houghton said he was kept in detention for 82 days.

However, the customs officials had mistaken this man for a would-be Walter White when in fact he was closer to Winnie the Pooh.

When the lab test results came back they showed they were, in fact, filled with honey and the charges against Mr. Houghton were dropped.

Crimes in space

weird and wacky space crime

The human race has reached another milestone. From learning to use tools, to the Renaissance, splitting the atom and Man first walking on the moon. Now, we can potentially add space crime to the list.

An astronaut has been accused of the first-ever crime committed in space. NASA astronaut Anne McClain has been charged with illegally accessing her estranged partner, Summer Worden’s bank account while floating above Planet Earth aboard the International Space Station. As a side note, who knew they had WIFI in space?

The alleged crime has led many to ponder who has legal jurisdiction in space?

What a time to be alive.

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