Can You Fail a Breathalyzer with Kombucha? Part 2

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It’s the second installment of Can You Fail a Breathalyzer with Kombucha. Welcome to Can You Fail It? We put everyday household items to the test to ask, Can You Fail It? That is, can you give a false positive reading on a breathalyzer after consuming it.

After receiving numerous suggestions to test kombucha, we bought three different kinds. We have already tested GT Kombucha, gingerade flavour. Now it’s the turn of RISE lemongrass kombucha.

You can watch part one here.

Although kombucha is non-alcoholic, it seems numerous people have heard that you can fail a breathalyzer with kombucha.

Remember, we are testing whether these products will generate a false positive reading on an approved screening device. Some items can trick breathalyzers when they are present in your mouth. They do not have to be absorbed by your body to show up on a breathalyzer.

Watch the video to find out, Can You Fail It?

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