Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Fifty Eight

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at a very disgusting case in Florida… that somehow still resulted in an acquittal. Then, we look at a well-trained meth-addicted squirrel, because why not. And finally, we talk about the stupidest yet successful lawsuit I have seen all year. All over beer.

Follow the jump for more of the weirdest and wackiest legal stories from around the world this past week.


A Florida man threw his own shit at a judge in a Miami courtroom.

Dorleans Phiilidor must not have been impressed with the proceedings in his burglary trial so he aimed his feces at the Judge but missed. As you can imagine, chaos followed. Lawyers ran to escape the courtroom as police officers fled in.

A witness stated that Philidor justified his behavior by yelling “It’s protein! It’s good for you!”

Apparently Philidor also ate some of his shit. I cannot even with how hilarious and disgusting this case is.

The courtroom was designated as a hazardous area and the trial had to resume in another room.

Later that afternoon, jurors deliberated and found Philidor to be not guilty. However, Philidor is not yet a free man as he is awaiting another trial for grand-theft auto and is facing up to 15 years in prison. It just goes to show you that no matter what, justice will prevail.

Rodents of Unusual Qualifications

We are all familiar with the idea of an attack dog. But what about an attack squirrel? Allow me to pop your attack squirrel story cherry.

Alabama police officers executed a search warrant on Monday and seized meth, drug paraphernalia, body armor and a squirrel.

Police have arrested one man in relation to these findings and are hunting for a second man thought to be associated.

The police were tipped off that one of the men, Mickey Paulk, kept an attack squirrel in his apartment and that he fed the squirrel meth to put it in attack mode.

When the police encountered the squirrel, it was being kept in a cage. The Alabama Game and Fish Division were notified and recommended the police release the squirrel. It is also reported that there was no safe way to test the squirrel for meth.

Police are still looking for the second man and both are facing multiple charges.

Reverse Discrimination… it exists!

A man sued a brewery because he was forced to identify as female to get a better deal on a pint.

BrewDog, a brewery out of Scotland has a beer named Punk IPA that has blue labels. Just before International Women’s Day, the brewery rebranded the beer as Pink IPA and changed the labels to pink. The beer was released to shed light on gender inequality, sexist marketing in the beer industry and the gender pay gap.

So Pink IPA was later being served in pubs and customers who identified as female got a better deal on the beer than those who do not identify as female.

Thomas Bower was not impressed with this promotion, even after the idea behind campaign was explained to him. Bower eventually said he identified as female so he could get the better deal on the pint.

Bower could not get over this situation so he took the brewery to court for discrimination.

The worst part? The judge agreed with Bower and said that Bower had “been directly discriminated against by the defendant because of his sex.” The judge also said that Bower was “humiliated” and that it wasn’t a “pleasant experience” for him to have to identify as female.

Bower was awarded £1000 in damages, which he plans to donate to various charities.

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