Can Pizza Make You Fail a Breathalyzer?

Every year, we receive thousands of calls from clients who are concerned that some substance or product caused them to fail the roadside breathalyzer. And while the police will tell you that only alcohol can cause you to fail the breathalyzer, we thought… why trust the police?

And so we created the Can You Fail It videos to find out for ourselves why and when a person can fail a breathalyser despite not having consumed any alcoholic drinks. We opened up the Acumen labs, dusted off the old breathalysers, and started the camera rolling as we experimented with numerous substances.

So far we have tested whether soy sauce can make you fail a breathalyzer, whether kombucha tea can cause false readings on a breathalyser, whether Mentos candy or cough syrup can cause false fail readings, and more!

This week, we test whether Pepperoni Pizza can cause a false positive reading on a breathalyser. Tune into the video above to find out whether this can happen!

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