Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Eighty Three

Are you missing out on your weird and wacky legal content right now? Last week, Wednesday fell on Christmas Day and so there was no weird and wacky post. But this week, it falls on New Year’s Day, which means you’re getting some content.

And boy howdy do we have a crazy lineup of legal cases for you. First, we answer the question of how four people can be charged with impaired operation at the same time. Then, we examine the case of a woman who has the shoddiest defence of all time to her drug possession charges. And finally, we travel back to Florida for a beachside bang-o-rama.

Follow the jump to read more about the weirdest and wackiest legal cases from the past two weeks.

Drunk Driving, Animal Style

How do four people in one vehicle all get charged with impaired operation? When they are all operating a horse-drawn buggy together at the same time. Even better, in this case each of the four men who were operating the buggy were also underage and in possession of open liquor containers.

There is clearly more to the story, as the four friends are also facing felony obstruction of justice charges, so something saucy must have happened at the roadside that we haven’t even begun to hear about yet.

Anyway, this case just goes to show that planning a safe ride home does not include relying on your horses.

Not All Stupid Criminals Come from Florida

Some of them, apparently, come from Louisiana.

As a defence lawyer, I get the special privilege of seeing countless people saying countless stupid things to police in the course of investigations. But this one takes the cake.

A Louisiana woman was recently arrested and charged with felony drug possession after police discovered drugs in her apartment. Apparently, a call was placed to the police department to tip them off that this person had suspected narcotics in the residence. When police arrived and conducted a search, they found a container labeled “dope” that contained a substance believed to be crystal meth.

As if that isn’t conclusive enough, the woman, who was later located hiding behind the residence, admitted to police that the narcotics were hers.

Pro tip: don’t do any of what she did. Like, literally none of it was a wise choice.

But Many Weird and Wacky Cases are in Florida

Oh, you didn’t think I’d leave you hanging without some Florida content this week, did you? Well, this one is a doozy.

A couple were recently arrested in a bathroom at a Florida bar. Both of them fought with police over the arrest. And the reason for the arrest, you ask? Well, apparently numerous patrons had phoned the police because the couple had locked themselves in the women’s washroom for a prolonged stay… if you catch my drift.

After their very obvious bathroom bang, the two then refused to leave the establishment, even after being asked to do so by management. The bar, Jimmy B’s Beach Bar, has now banned them and they are on bail conditions not to attend.

Talk about getting wasted away again in Margaritaville.

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