Can You Fail a Breathalyzer with Apple Cider Vinegar?

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It’s a staple of many kitchens and if you believe health food magazines, a magical elixir that has fat-burning properties. But can you fail a breathalyzer with apple cider vinegar?

What do we mean by “fail”? Well, anything that gives a false reading on an approved screening device (ASD) when it shouldn’t. Clearly, apple cider vinegar does not cause impairment but if you have some present in your mouth when complying with a police officer’s breath test demand, would it register or even push you into the fail or warn readings?

In “Can You Fail It?”, we put everyday household items to the test to ask, Can You Fail It? Through the magic of science, we find out if these products, readily available in supermarkets and used by people daily, will give a reading for alcohol on an approved screening device (ASD). Remember, they don’t necessarily have to be absorbed by your body to show up on a breathalyzer. They might just be residual traces in your mouth.

A blood alcohol content (BAC) reading of between 0 and 0.049 is a pass in a breath test. A reading of 0.05 to 0.79 is a “warn” while 0.08 or higher is a “fail”. We set out to find out can you fail a breathalyzer with apple cider vinegar, in the Acumen Labs. So watch the video to find out the results.

We have already tested a wide range of household items to find out if they can fail a breathalyzer. You can now see all of the previous items we have tested on our custom made YouTube playlist.

Watch the video to find out can you fail a breathalyzer with apple cider vinegar.

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