Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume 122

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we take a look at a dentist with a method for extracting teeth, someone who had a really unlucky day and a pro footballer facing a fragrant lawsuit.

Follow the jump to see the weird and wacky stories making the rounds on the Internet this week.

Going hover-board

Hoverboards were really popular for a period about four or five years ago among a wide array of people. Children, adults, rappers and, it would seem, dentists.

An Anchorage dentist took his work to the extreme when he extracted an unconscious patient’s tooth while riding a hoverboard. In a cellphone video, Seth Lookhart was captured standing over the patient while balancing on the toy. After pulling the patient’s tooth, he rode down the hallway with his arms in the air. Sick bro.

Well, as it turned out, not so sick. The incident came to light during Lookhart’s trial for dozens od charges including fraud, reckless endangerment, embezzlement and unlawful dental acts. The judge sentenced the former dentist to 12 years in prison for his actions.

And the winner is…

Sometimes, it just ain’t your day. One man who will be damning his luck is this guy who fled a traffic stop leaving behind a winning lottery ticket.

Police in Georgia, US pulled over a vehicle after noticing an issue with its tags. After the vehicle stopped, a man in the passenger’s seat got out of the vehicle and ran to some nearby woods, dropping a backpack on the way.

Inside the backpack was a laptop, a small amount of methamphetamine and a winning $100 lottery ticket. The local sheriff’s department posted the winning lottery ticket on Facebook and invited the owner to come claim it at the local jail.

Not to condone fleeing from the police, but maybe the guy did a quick cost-benefit analysis and decided the potential cost of getting caught with drugs far outweighed his potential winnings.

Foul play

NFL player Antonio Brown is facing a string of charges at the moment including sexual misconduct. A separate accusation about Brown’s bizarre behaviour was made by a doctor in a lawsuit against the former Steelers wide receiver.

The doctor is suing Brown for $11,500 in unpaid fees. The lawsuit also alleges that he repeatedly farted in the doc’s face and laughed about it after he showed up three hours late to a consultation.

Now that’s an expensive fart.

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