Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume 121

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at a petition to change the name of a popular chicken dish. Then, we look at a woman who got herself the best birthday present ever: a stint in jail. And finally, we examine the case of a woman who wanted to test out a product before buying it… to her detriment.

Follow the jump to read more about this week’s weird and wacky legal cases from around the globe.

What’s in a name?

Oh what’s in a name? That which we call a boneless chicken wing would still taste as saucy.

But not according to one Nebraska man, who urged his City Council to pass a resolution banning the use of the term “boneless chicken wings” on all menus, and replaced with his suggestions of “Buffalo style chicken tenders” or “saucy nugs.” And while I appreciate a saucy nug, I’m not sure this is a good use of legislative power…

Best Birthday Present EVER

Every year I think of what to get myself as a birthday present. But I would never consider having the cajones that this woman did in choosing an unusual and, frankly, illegal birthday present.

A Florida woman is now facing charges of solicitation to commit murder and burglary after using Snapchat to try to find a “felons that don’t give a damn about life” to kill her husband’s lover and do harm to their child. She even went so far as to meet up with the would-be hitman who, unsurprisingly, was an undercover cop.


Try Before You Buy

While many stores may encourage shoppers to try items before they buy them, this does not apply to all stores. And it especially does not apply to stores that sell sex toys.

Apparently, Theresa Stanley did not know this. Because she walked into a Florida adult accessories store and pulled a pink penis-shaped sex toy of the shelf. And then began using it. She was still using it, according to reports, when police arrived to arrest her.

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