Weird and Wacky Wednesday: Volume 174

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesday take a trip to England, where we learn the importance of paying a traffic ticket. Then we head to Florida for two cases, one of which involves a daring prison escape…using the wire of a bra? And then there’s a case of an eggroll resulting in crazy driving.

Follow the jump to learn more about this week’s weirdest and wackiest cases from around the globe!

Lying gets you…thrown into jail

A 22-year-old man from Leeds, a city in England, has been given a jail sentence of 12 months after giving false information to the police regarding 28 speeding tickets he received.   

In the span of 2 years, he managed to trigger 28-speed cameras, and even more shocking is the fact that 26 of those happened within just a 4-month period. According to the police, the reason he lied was to avoid getting points on his license.

It turns out it would’ve been a better idea for him to take those points because now his consequence is instead way worse- a jail sentence.

He has also received a 30-month driving ban as a result of preventing justice from being served.

A multi-functional bra?

Where else but in Florida would a jail inmate think to use the underwire of her bra as a tool to assist in an attempted prison break sort of thing.

Yes, you read that correctly. While locked up in a Florida jail, a 59-year-old woman attempted to use the underwire of her bra to escape her cell by scratching the glass bottom part of the door.

It was obviously a failed attempt, and instead of escaping, the woman just added two extra charges to her docket. She was originally arrested for a DUI charge and now is also facing charges of attempt to escape, a felony, and criminal mischief, a misdemeanour.

The moral of the story is to listen to the warnings on TV shows that say ‘do not attempt this at home,’ especially when it comes to jailbreaking attempts.

When the food is just that good

We’ve all had those meals that absolutely change our lives and have us thinking about food in a whole different way. For one woman in Florida, she claims that hers was a spring roll, and as a result, it caused her to drive her car erratically down the road.

Yes, she claimed that her swerving between lanes had nothing to do with the numerous pills, the straw with white powder residue found by police, and everything to do with her eating a spring roll.

Regardless of the spring roll excuse, the woman was arrested on DUI and narcotics possession charges. 

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