Weird and Wacky Wednesday: Volume 165

In today’s day and age, because technology has become so ingrained in our society, sometimes people forget that what you put out on the internet is there forever, and can be seen by anyone. While there are many benefits that come with having access to a cellphone and social media 24/7, in this week’s Weird and Wacky Wednesday, we’re reminded of the reasons it may not be the best thing; especially for those people engaging in illegal activities. And, as has become tradition the past few weeks, we will end with a story out of Florida.

A drive-by…slushie attack?

YouTube pranksters have been terrorizing people just minding their own business for a while now, and some have even had their fair share of trouble with the police. This first story is about just another prankster duo who decided it was worth the risk of getting in trouble, to throw slushies at people.

Usually, when you hear about a drive-by, your mind instantly goes to shootings. In this case, however, instead of guns, the weapons of choice were slushies. Yes, these two teens allegedly stopped by a convenience store somewhere in the Tampa Bay area to pick up seven slushies and then proceeded to throw them at unsuspecting people on the street.

When a Florida Highway Patrol officer picked up the driver of the vehicle, he apparently admitted this wasn’t the first time he had thrown slushies out of a car at people and had in fact, done something similar a week earlier.

He has been released from the county jail after posting a $650 bond. Just goes to show, maybe not everything is worth some mediocre YouTube content.

A man with a gun walks into a hospital…and livestreams it?

Livestreaming is a useful way for people to get things out to the world in an as it happens type of way, or to engage audiences in a real time conversation, and it has become pretty popular in the age of Covid-19. But it seems sometimes people forget, that when you’re livestreaming, anyone with access to your account can see what’s being posted.

A man in the Bronx seems to have certainly forgotten this because while visiting a friend in the hospital, he started a live stream bragging about having a gun on him. His friend was in the hospital due to a gunshot wound from earlier in the day.

Apparently, one of his viewers wasn’t amused by his admission and called the police, who had no trouble finding him since he let his audience know where his stream was taking place. They found a silver handgun that was loaded in the band of his underwear.

He has been charged with criminal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of a firearm. Maybe he learned that walking into a hospital armed with a gun and then bragging about it on video is a quick, one-way ticket to a possession charge. I feel that’s like livestreaming 101.

Naked and afraid

Now back to Florida we go again, except this week, it’s a story about a crazy Florida woman, as opposed to our usual Florida man; yay for equality!

The woman was arrested after she drove through a police standoff in a golf cart completely naked and smelling of alcohol. She was charged with obstruction, a misdemeanor.

In the criminal complaint, it lists her residence in Massachusetts. It’s almost as if there’s something in the air in Florida that continuously has people losing their minds and committing the most outrageous crimes.

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