Weird and Wacky Wednesday: Volume 164

I don’t know about you, but Covid-19 has really made me realize there are many crazy people out there. First, we saw people protest lockdowns and masks; now we’re seeing people protest vaccines and, as a result, vaccine passports. And it was only going to be a matter of time before we saw people starting to make their own fake vaccine passports.

So for this week’s Weird and Wacky Wednesday, we are going to see how some people were forced to learn the hard way that faking a vaccine passport is an excellent way to get yourself into a lot of trouble. And of course, we have the first date from hell story coming out of Florida, because where else.

Correct Spelling: More important than you might think

If you’re going to break the law by trying to get away with using a fake vaccine passport, which is illegal in the first place, the least you could do is spellcheck and then spellcheck again to make sure. Apparently, that was too much for a woman in Illinois since she didn’t realize she had ‘Maderna’ on her card instead of ‘Moderna.’

She went to Hawaii on August 23, and upon her return to the airport for her flight home, she was arrested. She was being held on $2000 bail. We’re not sure of her status as of now, but I mean common.

I guess this is just confirmation that the spelling tests we had back in elementary school certainly would come in handy. But also, maybe just don’t fake a vaccine passport if you don’t want to be arrested and because it’s just wrong.

TikTok to the rescue

Unfortunately, this next story is about a stripper in New Jersey who made a side hustle out of selling fake vaccination status cards. She was selling the counterfeit cards for $200 each and then, on top of that, another $250 for people who wanted their status recorded in the official New York database.

Luckily a popular TikToker caught on to her illegal activities after finding her Instagram, where she posted her ‘business’ endeavours on her story. As a result, he posted a video to his 2 million followers exposing her. But not before she had the chance to sell 250 fake cards, claiming she was making $10,000 a week and at least 10 fake status updates in the database.

She, as well as her accomplices, are being charged with offering a false instrument for filing and conspiracy, says the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office.

Just another case of karma catching up to bad people, and I don’t have a problem with that at all.

Fastest date ever?

And to conclude this week’s Weird and Wacky Wednesday post, where else could we end up other than somewhere in Florida. This may be the first date of all first dates, some of you may want to take notes.

Police pursued a man in Clearwater after running a red light, but wanting to impress his date, did not pull over, even though the woman was far from impressed and in fact yelling at him to stop. When his motorcycle was eventually pulled over, he was charged with “a felony for fleeing cops at high speed with wanton disregard for the safety of others.”

He was released on $10, 000 bail. A second date is in his future, except not with who was hoping for; the call he’ll be waiting around for will be coming from the courts.

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