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Kyla Lee on the Jeff Andreas Show

Kyla Lee appeared on the Jeff Andreas show to discuss an off-duty cop that discovered three marijuana plants in a Revelstoke couple’s yard which were inevitably confiscated.

Kyla Lee in The Province: Safety or cash grab? Speed cameras could wind up in court

“If you don’t tell people the threshold, a driver might see the speed-camera sign and slam on the brakes,” said Vancouver traffic-ticket lawyer Kyla Lee. “Now you have the risk of the driver behind them not reacting fast enough and rear-ending them. Or the driver might not brake properly and lose control of their vehicle.”

Kyla Lee in the TriCity News: Can cops and conservation officers take your phone?

Kyla was recently in the TriCity News to discuss whether cops and conservation officers can take your phone.

“If [an officer] arrests somebody, and there’s a phone on them, [they] are permitted to search and seize that phone for the purposes of collecting or preserving evidence related to the offence,” Kyla Lee, a Vancouver criminal lawyer, told The Tri-City News.


B.C.’s Ombudsperson is monitoring the way the province is handling a “tabulation anomaly” which left some graduating students with the wrong grades on their provincial exam. Vancouver lawyer Kyla Lee says if the Ministry of Education did send out the wrong grades on a student’s transcript, it could open the province up to being sued.

Kyla Lee on the Lynda Steele Show: Staircase Driver

Kyla Lee joined Lynda Steele to talk about the recent viral video of a driver in Vancouver, driving down a flight of stairs at the Wall Centre in Vancouver. After the video went viral, Vancouver Police issued the driver a $368 ticket for driving without due care and attention. But is the ticket valid? Kyla Lee explains why the driver may have viable defences to the ticket itself.

Kyla Lee on Charles Adler Tonight: Roadside Impairment Testing for Cannabis

Vancouver impaired driving lawyer Kyla Lee appeared on the Charles Adler show last night to talk about the federal approval of the Abbott SoToxa, a drug testing device designed to detect THC in the system. However, the SoToxa suffers from a number of serious flaws, the most significant of which is the fact that it does not test for impairment, only the presence of THC.
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