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Kyla Lee on Radio NL

On the guidelines for businesses that are starting to reopen, Provincial Health Officer Dr Bonnie Henry says these are not regulations, what they are, are guidance documents.

The only exception is the requirement to have a COVID-19 safety plan which needs to be posted where the public can see it.

Kyla Lee on the Mike Smyth Show

Traffic court set to resume, how people can fight traffic tickets, no social distancing rules posted for court.

Kyla Lee on CBC News

Kyla Lee was interviewed on CBC News to discuss yet another distracted driving ticket that was overturned and to clarify the rules on what constitutes distracted driving.

Watch here.

Kyla on Global News: B.C.’s distracted driving law could be adjusted after another ticket tossed out by court

The latest distracted driving ticket to get tossed out by a B.C. judge could lead to adjustments to the law itself, the province’s public safety minister says.

In the meantime, Kyla Lee, a defence lawyer who specializes in traffic cases, says the new ruling sets a precedent that can be cited in future cases.

“Anybody who’s received a ticket for having their phone in their lap should be looking at disputing that ticket,” she said.

“If you’ve been convicted, you ought to appeal.”

Watch the news story here.

Kyla on Radio NL: Lawyer Happy that BC Law Society is Removing ‘Mental Fitness’ Questions from Applications

The Law Society of BC is no longer going to be asking applicants about their “mental fitness”.

Acumen Law’s Kyla Lee applauds the move saying these questions are unnecessary. “We have a process already designed to identify people who aren’t capable of being lawyers, that’s why we have articling. People who want to be lawyers have to work under the direct supervision of another lawyer for at least one year before they can be called and admitted to the bar. And that lawyer has to sign off on their fitness to practice law.”

Read more here.

Kyla on the Jeff Andreas Show

Kyla joins the Jeff Andreas Show to discuss possible new training for judges when it comes to Sexual assault cases as well as the removal of medical fitness questions in the Law Society of BC admission application.

Listen here.

Kyla on CKNW Programming Full show: Anorexia, emotional abuse, & weight loss

Welcome to the Sunday Night Health Show podcast! Tonight, we chat with lawyer from Acumen Law, Kyla Lee. Not about law though, but about mental health, specifically anorexia. We also have another Biodiet checkup with Dr. David G. Harper – maybe I didn’t have an oscar-worthy performance but it’s not the end of the world! We also have a conversation about emotional abuse – some signs to look out for. Finally, Ella Dreyshner, a life skills and weight loss coach, joins us to chat about how she helps women lose weight.

Listen here.

Kyla on The Jill Bennett Show

The BC Law Society will no longer ask questions about medical fitness – specifically, mental health

Listen here.

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