Kyla Lee interviewed on Global News Hour at 6


Human remains of an 18-year-old teen girl were found on the Salmon Arm, BC farm where Curtis Sagmoen lives. Sagmoen, a 37-year-old, has been charged in connection with an alleged threat towards a sex worker using a firearm.

Whether any connection between the charges Sagmoen is currently facing, and the human remains of teen Traci Genereaux remains to be seen.

​Global News interviewed Kyla Lee on what this means for Sagmoen, who has not been charged with any crime in connection with Genereaux’s remains.

Kyla Lee:

“If it’s just these charges that they end up pursuing they can’t establish enough of a connection Ms. Genereaux’s case, then there’s a chance he’s going to get out.”

“Even though he’s facing six very serious charges, he’s entitled to the presumption of innocence. He doesn’t have a serious criminal history, he’s consented to remain in custody this far, so it shows he’s co-operating.”

Watch Global’s full interview with Kyla Lee here:

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