Kyla Lee interviewed by CBC News Vancouver at 6

A photograph uploaded by Vancouver police showing a driver apparently using two electronic devices behind the wheel is making headlines around the world.

The reason?

While the driver was being a bit absurd by tying the devices with what appears to be string to his steering wheel, the driver didn’t actually break BC’s distracted driving laws.

As a result, police decided not to ticket the driver with using electronic devices behind the wheel. Instead, the driver received a lesser ticket, $81, for failing to produce a driver’s licence.

The reason the driver was not given a distracted driving ticket is because of how the Motor Vehicle Act is written, as Kyla Lee explains to CBC:

“The Motor Vehicle Act requires a driver to have a device capable of operating in a hands-free function, and we all know that iPads and iPhones have the Siri function so you can do everything hands free. It also requires that device to be securely affixed to the vehicle, which if it was, I can’t assess from the photo, but if it was securely affixed by way of that string, its not necessarily violating the letter of the law — just really, its spirit.

Watch Kyla Lee’s interview with CBC:

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