Month: August 2019

Kyla Lee on the Jeff Andreas Show

Kyla Lee appeared on the Jeff Andreas show to discuss an off-duty cop that discovered three marijuana plants in a Revelstoke couple’s yard which were inevitably confiscated.

Driving Law with Kyla Lee: Episode 69

On this week’s show, Kyla Lee and Paul Doroshenko discuss the case of a 72-year-old driver who was given a four-month driving prohibition for cell phone tickets.

The legal definition of an electronic device in driving cases is fairly vague. Kyla and Paul look at whether the definition includes ignition interlock devices. …

Kyla Lee in The Province: Safety or cash grab? Speed cameras could wind up in court

“If you don’t tell people the threshold, a driver might see the speed-camera sign and slam on the brakes,” said Vancouver traffic-ticket lawyer Kyla Lee. “Now you have the risk of the driver behind them not reacting fast enough and rear-ending them. Or the driver might not brake properly and lose control of their vehicle.”

Kyla Lee in the TriCity News: Can cops and conservation officers take your phone?

Kyla was recently in the TriCity News to discuss whether cops and conservation officers can take your phone.

“If [an officer] arrests somebody, and there’s a phone on them, [they] are permitted to search and seize that phone for the purposes of collecting or preserving evidence related to the offence,” Kyla Lee, a Vancouver criminal lawyer, told The Tri-City News.

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