Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Sixty Three

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at two amazing escape cases. One foiled plot to escape prison, that has since ended tragically, and a second successful plot to escape prosecution for a drug possession offence. Finally, we look at an argument that will make you say “Well, that escalated quickly.”

Follow the jump and learn more about this week’s roundup of three weird and wacky legal cases from around the world.

Escape from Alcatraz

Prison escapes are always exciting. And the methods that prisoners derive to escape prison do not fall short of fascinating. Take, for example, this case out of Brazil. The prisoner, who was a Brazilian gang leader, decided that the best way to escape prison would be to pretend to be his teenaged daughter.

She smuggled in a silicone mask of her face, wig, and wore clothing that would fit her father. The plan was for him to walk out, looking just like her, and she would be left sitting in his cell. Something tells me this guy isn’t winning any awards for father of the year. Anyway, as the guards watched “her” leave, they noticed she was acting very nervously and upon close inspection discovered the plan.

Sadly, the would-be escapee was transferred to solitary confinement and shortly afterwards was found dead in his cell. So this story does not have a very happy ending at all.

Escape Artist

Speaking of crazy escapes, this case involved a woman who is also not winning any awards for her parenting.

After police saw Kathryn Ahlers stumbling while trying to remove her child from a car seat, they inspected further. The child was not well-cared for and the police concluded she was under the influence of a drug. So she was arrested, and handcuffed with her hands behind her back.

Despite this, while placed handcuffed in the back of the police vehicle, Ms. Ahlers was successfully able to remove a baggy of white powder from her vagina, spread it out on the rear of the police vehicle, and begin snorting it. When the police officers noticed this, they attempted to remove her from the vehicle. But not before she once again concealed the powder in her vagina. Yes, she got it out and then back in again, all while handcuffed behind her back, in the rear of a police vehicle, and while struggling with police. So while she may not be the best parent ever, she is apparently incredibly talented. Just not at something lawful.

Car Calamity

Some people take their vehicles very seriously. And some people have a fierce loyalty to a particular car manufacturer.

Most of the time, that is just okay. If you want to live your life obsessed with a Ford Truck, then go right ahead and do that. Just take my advice and don’t do it to the same extent as Mark Turner.

Mr. Turner was embroiled in a debate about the merits of Ford versus Chevy that flew out of hand. When Mr. Turner’s girlfriend tried to intervene, Turner brandished a knife and she ended up being slashed. But the furor did not stop there. Although the argument de-escalated briefly, it soon struck back up and Mr. Turner then shot his girlfriend five times.


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  1. I’m a Ford man and have been all my life.

    But, …… jeez man – calm down, it’s just a damn truck.

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