What do British Columbians think of their DUI reviews?

I’m curious about how many people who have been through BC’s Administrative Justice process with the Immediate Roadside Prohibition scheme feel they’ve been given a fair shake at the hearing. I’m curious to know how many people felt they had a proper opportunity to tell their story, and have their arguments considered by the adjudicator.

The BC Government measures the success of the IRP scheme in terms of tax dollars saved on the cost of court, and in terms of the number of people who didn’t die this year (without discussing really why). But how is administrative justice measured by those who had to access it? Do these people think that this system is as successful as the BC Government believes it to be? Is the system effective for more reasons than saving money? Do the ends justify the means?

Below the link, you’ll find a survey. If you’ve been through the IRP process and you’ve been given a decision then I want to know how you felt your case was handled by the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles. Do you think you got a fair hearing? Do you think you had enough time to prepare? Do you think you had the right ways to challenge the evidence?

    IRP Review Hearing Poll

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