Weird and Wacky Wednesdays Volume Sixty Four

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at a very shitty circumstance involving an arrest and charges out of Georgia. Then, we look at one of the more creative ways to participate in dying with dignity. Finally, we find a Florida man who did something stupid because what week would be complete without one?

Follow the jump to learn more about the weirdest and wackiest cases from this past week!

A Shitty Arrest

A young man, who is also a star quarterback at his college’s football team, was recently arrested and charged with cocaine possession. That story in and of itself would not generally attract a feature on this blog. However, the alleged “cocaine” was not found inside his vehicle or on his person. Rather, it was found on the outside of the car.

Yes, the police thought this young (unsurprisingly Black) man was transporting cocaine on the outside of his vehicle for the whole world to see.

When the man, Shai Werts, told police that what was smeared on his vehicle was bird poop, the police told him they knew what bird poop looked like and that was not it. Even in the face of a logical explanation they persisted in their heavy-handed conduct.

Charges have now been dropped as subsequent testing has revealed that the bird shit was, in fact, bird shit and not cocaine. And while this story raises all sorts of angering and frustrating issues of racial profiling, let’s just take a moment to see the lighter side. Some police officers were so dumb they thought someone would put cocaine all over the outside of their car and drive around like that.

Worth It?

An elderly man has recently been handled a three-year jail term for killing his wife.

Don’t get me wrong, he didn’t set out to murder her with some malicious plot in mind. She had been in a nursing home and was tired of sitting around without anything fun to do. So she suggested he break her out of there and that he assist her in her suicide. And, boy, did she go out hard.

The man and his wife had sex, smoked a whole ton of methamphetamine, and went out listening to their favourite song: Metal Health (Bang Your Head) by Quiet Riot.

When he discovered her (intentional) death, he ran naked screaming into the street that his wife was dead, before returning inside to pick black and white bugs off his arms.

Golf Cart Crimes

And what Weird and Wacky Wednesday would be complete without a golf-cart drivin’ Florida man?

This one is a video and it really speaks for itself. A Florida man was on the run from police when he decided to commandeer a nearby golf cart, and drive it to get away. He drove the golf cart into a store, and through a crowd of people.

No word on whether he was ultimately apprehended. But my guess is that he was.


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