Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Fourteen

This week, on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we focus on how a series of bad decisions can seriously impact a person. From a lawyer who has not one but two troublesome marriages, to a man whose viral Internet fame cost him his employment, and finally to the case of a guy who tried to buffalo buffalo and ended up buffaloed in court, this week takes us through the interesting world of how one bad decision can lead to hilarious and then disappointing results.


Lawyer With Two Wives
A Canadian lawyer is in some hot water after fabricating divorce papers. But rather than do it to assist a client, this lawyer tried to falsely create a divorce order paper trail for his own marriage. All so he could quickly marry his assistant without following through on formal divorce proceedings. And as if it is not bad enough that he unlawfully married two women, neither of whom were aware of the legal status of the marriages, he also procured the assistance of his unwitting articled student to attempt to file the fake documents in court.

Obviously, this type of deception and perpetuation of a fraud on the court, while using a legal trainee as an unwitting dupe, is the type of thing that warrants disbarment. And for James Cooper Morton, he has now been temporarily suspended from the Law Society of Ontario while he awaits determination of his case. Suspensions pending the outcome of disciplinary investigations are often rare, and speak to the serious nature of the allegations against Mr. Morton in this case.

Farting Security Guard Fired

Everyone wants to achieve viral fame on the Internet. Not everyone wants to achieve it for reasons related to farting. Enter this man, who is trying to remain somewhat anonymous. He willingly filmed himself farting at his workplace for over six months, posting the farts on his Instagram account. Everything was peachy keen until his Instagram followers, well, hit the gas and he was suddenly a viral sensation.

As a result of violating company policy for his security guard position and apparently compromising the privacy and security of the company he was performing security guard duties for, the farting man was let go. True to form, he livestreamed his dismissal for the world to see. But the case raises interesting issues relating to public documentation of work-related activities. In the future, the man would be wise (as would others) to check with their employer about social media policy before uploading several dozen fart videos to the Internet.


Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo
Did you know that the title of this section is a complete sentence? Well, Raymond Reinke apparently did not know that you could receive a jail sentence after he buffaloed buffalo in Yellowstone National Park. Reinke, who hopped out of his car in the park to chase and harass the harmless animal.

Thankfully, harassing wildlife was an offence in the park. Mr. Reinke, in his infinitely poor decision making, also interfered with law enforcement and just generally acted like a jerk, earning him two additional charges. In total, he will spend 120 days in jail, less 21 days credit for time served, after he foolishly decided to attack the animal. But Mr. Reinke should be glad things did not end worse. Buffalo are some badass species and I for one would not want to mess with one.

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