Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Forty Nine

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at just how far one jealous ex-lover will go — and it’s way farther than Instagram stalking. Then, we consider the case of a very well-trained parrot. Finally, we look at another example of domestic jealousy, but this time after a wife discovered that her husband just could not give up the pornography channel.

Follow the jump to read this week’s roundup of weird and wacky legal cases from around the globe.

Crazy Ex Boyfriend

We’ve all heard the stereotype of the crazy ex-girlfriend who just won’t leave her ex-boyfriend alone. However, we also know that it can also go the other way. Sadly, when it goes the other way it usually results in tragedy. On this occasion, however, the obsessive stalking ex-boyfriend also provides a small bit of hilarity. Shall we say, a light in tunnel of darkness. See, what happened in the case of one Mexican man was that he refused to abide by restraining orders not to contact or follow his ex. When standing on the street outside her house was not an option, he came up with a more creative solution: he dug an underground tunnel to her house so that he could spy on her.

However, like most cases involving people digging tunnels, the police were waiting for him and he was subsequently arrested. Now that tops many crazy ex-girlfriend stories that I’ve heard!

So Easy Even a Parrot Could Do It

As a criminal lawyer, the hardest task I have is impressing upon my clients the importance of keeping their mouth shut when dealing with the police. You’d think the advice “don’t say anything” is easy to understand and easy to follow, but you would be mistaken.

That being said, I never thought that I would see the day when a parrot was placed under arrest and demonstrated itself to follow that legal advice better than anyone else. That day has, however, come. A parrot in Brazil was recently arrested after police discovered that it had been trained by alleged drug dealers to warn them by calling out “Mom, the police!” anytime the cops showed up.

The best part is that the parrot was interrogated by police, but remained completely silent during the interrogation.

Revenge Porn

Meanwhile, in Arkansas, a 69-year-old woman has just wrapped up her first-degree murder trial… and she was convicted. Apparently, the woman discovered that her husband had ordered a pay-per-view channel and watched porn while she was not home.Rather than respond with a frank discussion about her concerns, or even by filing for divorce, the woman decided to take a more permanent course of conduct. You see, this was not the first time she had caught him watching porn channels on the sly. After he had not stopped despite telling her to do so, she was going to make sure he stopped for good. Or so the prosecution’s theory of the case went.

The defence did their best to argue the “my gun went off accidentally” but the jury was having none of it. Her husband is no longer watching pornography, and she is no longer in an environment where that could happen. Win-win, I suppose.

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