Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Forty Eight

This week, Weird and Wacky Wednesdays finally gets the joy of reviewing a second Lorena Bobbitt style incident. Then, we look at the case of a traffic stop where the person who was pulled over was not what was expected at all. Finally, we look at what is undeniably the weirdest visit to a Walmart that has ever occurred, at least outside the state of Florida.

Lorena Bobbitt 2.0

A woman is now charged with aggravated assault in Toronto, after attacking a man in a Toronto apartment building. Now, normally a regular old domestic assault is neither weird nor wacky enough to warrant inclusion in this series. However, this case is slightly different in that the circumstances that led to the aggravated assault charge involved the woman allegedly chopping the man’s penis off.Remind you of anyone?

To make matters both worse and more interesting, the woman who did the hatchet job also is said to have jumped off the balcony of the seventh-floor apartment where the altercation took place. She survived, and was later apprehended with non-life threatening injuries. That, in itself, is interesting enough to warrant inclusion but the penis chopping just takes the proverbial cake.

Florida Man Pulls Over Cop

A man in Florida who was having a little too much fun with his faux-police siren has landed himself in a world of hot water. The man, 26 year old Matthew Erris, was recently arrested after he pulled over a police vehicle which contained an undercover officer. I should mention, Erris is not a police officer.

Apparently, after Erris began impersonating a police officer during the traffic stop, the undercover officer made some inquiries and discovered that Mr. Erris was not, in fact, a member of law enforcement. Rather than immediately arrest him, the undercover officer let him proceed on his way without revealing that he was wise to the con. A few moments later, police pulled over Mr. Erris in a marked vehicle, and he was arrested.

One has to wonder, however, if this was a serious situation or just one of a prank gone way, way wrong.

Not Your Average Trip to Walmart

A mother and a son took a trip to Walmart. And along with them they brought their dog. Nothing unusual about that. Except for the fact that trouble quickly began after the son brought the dog into the store without a leash. This did not go well. The dog took off in the store, taking on an unofficial position as Walmart Greeter. And while the sun, unsuccessfully, tried to reign in his pooch, the mother decided to start disassembling store displays and loading them up in her shopping cart.As one does.Thankfully, when asked to leave, the mother did so without incident. At least, without incident until she was safely in the parking lot. At this point, she apparently began doing karate moves in the parking lot in front of the store. Meanwhile, the dog secured a box of cornbread mix and decided that, having selected his item, it was time to leave. Without paying.When the police arrived, the arrested the mother who then put her karate moves to good use. She kicked out a police vehicle’s window and fought with the arresting officers. And while all this was going on, her son completely disrobed and began running around in the store, buck naked. Once he ran out of steam, he decided to dress himself in the Walmart clothing, and, like his dog, did not pay.

So when the police showed up inside the Walmart to arrest the son, he nabbed a store scooter and tried to run down officers. I can only imagine the scene like something out of Austin Powers. But the best part of this crazy Walmart incident?

It did not take place in Florida.

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  1. Hilarious. However, for reputation’s sake: 1) On line 5 of Walmart, ‘sun’ is a typo; 2) 4th paragraph, same story, “the arrested” needs help.
    Just discovered your blog. I’ll work my way through it as an antidote to TrumpGrumps.

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