Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Fifty

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at the case of whether that’s an alligator in a woman’s pants or if she was just happy to be pulled over by police. Then, we find out how much a doughnut means to one woman. Finally, we analyze the law on wrongful birth and an odd proposal in Texas that may open the door to people being able to file lawsuits by virtue of their having been born.

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Is That An Alligator in Your Pants or are You Just Happy to See Me?

In many cases of traffic stops, police have to assess whether drivers pose any risk to them and may be traveling with concealed weapons. In this case in Florida, the situation was a little bit different. A woman was a passenger in a vehicle that was stopped by Florida police. The driver admitted that he and his passenger were collecting snakes and frogs from under a bridge. You know, as you do.The police were suspicious of this, as the vehicle occupants appeared to be full-grown adults and not ten-year-old children. So they asked them if they could search the vehicle to see if they had any wildlife they were not supposed to have. And boy, did they ever. In the rear of the vehicle, police found 41 small turtles.

Undeterred in their search by their strange discovery, the police then asked the female passenger whether she had anything else. And so she reached into her pants and pulled out a foot-long alligator, which she then turned over to police. I cannot even imagine why a person would put a 12″ alligator inside their pants, but I suspect she was, in fact, not happy to see the police.

Doughnut Nutjob

A woman in Kingston went a little bit off the rails over a doughnut, recently.

The woman entered her local doughnut shop in the morning to order her doughnut and coffee. However, none of the sweet treats were ready yet. Rather than patiently wait, or forgo the doughnut and have a different type of pastry, the woman flew into a mad rage. She yelled and screamed at the workers and then stormed out. But on her way out, she also kicked open the glass door to the shop and shattered it.

She is now facing a charge for mischief and breaching her probation, which suggests that this may not be the first time she flew off the handle over something small.

Wrongful Birth

In Canada, you cannot sue a person for wrongful birth. A failed abortion, suing your father who raped your mother, all these situations involve a prevention on a lawsuit for your own existence. These bans also exist in other jurisdictions, including Texas. However, in Texas a woman is seeking a change to that law.You see, after she conducted a DNA test, she learned that her father was not her biological father. Further investigation revealed that the doctor her mother had used to assist with fertility treatments had mixed his own biological sample in with her father’s biological sample, and implanted it into her mother without her mother’s knowledge or consent. As a result, her mother became pregnant, but with the doctor’s sperm and not her father’s.The woman is now advocating for a change in the law that would clarify that a sexual assault takes place where a health care provider implants sperm into a person that they did not know was going to be implanted into them. This is a really interesting, but weird, potential change in the law that may open the door for a wrongful birth lawsuit in the future.

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