Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Fifty Four

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesday we are looking into the story of an employee who was fired for repeatedly masturbating at work. Also, a man shot himself and then pooped out a balloon of marijuana. And finally, a story about Japanese professor who taught his students how to make MDMA.

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Breaking Bad: Japan Edition
A pharmaceutical professor in Japan is being prosecuted for getting his students to make MDMA.

The professor justified his behavior by explaining that he taught the students how to make the drug to help with their learning. Somehow I do not think knowing how to make party drugs improves one’s studies in Chemistry. But that’s just me.

Making drugs for academic purposes is not illegal in Japan but you have to get a permit which Professor Pharma did not have.

It is also reported that the MDMA that the class made cannot be found anywhere. And apparently this might not be the only drug that Professor Pharma was making. Authorities found traces of another drug in his lab. So somewhere out there is a whole ton of college-student-created MDMA and possibly other drugs, but chances are that they did not last long on a college campus.

The professor is now facing up to ten years in prison.

Cameron Wilson was carrying a gun in his pocket when it accidentally discharged. He shot his own testicles and the bullet then went into his thigh.

Wilson was taken to hospital where he was to be operated on. But, as the doctor was operating on his gunshot wounds, a balloon of marijuana slipped out of Wilson’s anus. Honestly, I have to say that the idea that a balloon of cannabis can just slip out of someone’s anus during surgery might be the funniest thing I’ve heard all week.

And then Wilson’s day got worse.

After the balloon escaped, police searched Wilson’s car and found a bag of meth. Wilson was then taken to a jail and while he was strip searched, another balloon of marijuana fell out of his anus. Which, honestly, begs the question… if they had kept putting him in uncomfortable situations, how much would be there? Was he a human clown car of cannabis balloons?

Wilson is being held on bond and is due in court.


Work Whackoff
A man in Halifax has finally lost his job, but not for underperforming at work. No, perhaps the complaint was that he was overperforming.

You see, after repeated (yes, repeated!) complaints that this man was masturbating at work, the man was finally terminated. The problem was apparently not so much that he slunk off to the bathroom to rub one out, but instead that he did so loudly and to the horror of his coworkers who were also trying to use the facilities. I mean, can you imagine a workplace that was willing to tolerate quiet masturbation, or infrequent masturbation, but just not repeated and loud masturbation?

That’s one accommodating workplace. Unfortunately, just not accommodating enough for this gentleman. If anyone has an opening… oh, okay, I won’t go there.

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