Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Fifty Five

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesday we are giving you a story about two Florida men. Also, a woman who called the police to report a taco shortage. And finally, a story with a tip when giving the police a fake name.

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A Couple of Thick Thieves

Not one but two Florida men came up with the idea to break into an ATM with a blowtorch. The plan was to cut the ATM open and steal all the money. But obviously it didn’t happen because this story has made it onto Weird and Wacky Wednesday!

What actually happened was that the burglars welded the hinges of the ATM shut. As a result, they made their goal even more difficult to accomplish.

The men really did try to think everything through but it all fell short. Video surveillance shows the men walking towards the ATM. One of them was carrying a crowbar and was to keep an eye out for trouble while the other tried to break into the ATM.

Needless to say, these two geniuses left with nothing.

Police are searching for the wannabe thieves.

Taco Travesty

There was a “travesty” recently in Louisiana. A local Taco Bell ran out of tacos. A customer was so outraged by the audacity of Taco Bell to be so ill prepared that she called 911 to report the issue.

This must not be the first time this Louisiana town has had ridiculous 911 calls. The police department has a series on its Facebook page titled “we can’t make this stuff up.” The latest post details the events of the Taco Bell disaster. The post also explains that there is absolutely nothing the police can do to solve this issue.

What exactly was this person thinking when they called 911? Who thinks the police can provide a solution for a shortage of taco shells at Taco Bell?

Name Tag Nitwit

A Nebraska man thought he could outwit the police who were searching for him by giving a fake name. Unfortunately, Markel Towner was wearing a name tag.

Officers from the Lincoln Police Department were responding to a call after a report of a domestic assault. The police noticed someone fitting the description of the suspect parked in a car near the scene of the crime.

Officers approached the person and asked for his name. The suspect replied “Deangelo Towns” but the officers also noticed that the man was wearing a name tag that was the name of the suspect they were looking for.

Officers arrested Towner and he was taken into custody. Towner has been charged with multiple offenses including false reporting.

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