Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Eighty

This week on Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, we look at someone who either really, really likes to smoke or who is perhaps criminally ambitious. Then, we examine the case of a cat that was both well-trained and, well, trained. Finally, we look at the story of a woman who had a real jerk for a husband but who settled the score in a profoundly satisfactory manner.  

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Up in Smoke

If you’re going to do something, the best way to do it is to go big. Go big, or go home. And that type of attitude is exactly what gets you featured in a Weird and Wacky Wednesdays blog post.

For one Calgary man, he took this issue to heart. The man was recently arrested after being caught in possession of one million, sixty thousand cigarettes. Yeah, that’s right. This dude didn’t even stop at a million. He wanted to break that barrier. And boy did he. On top of the cigarettes, there were also about 42 pounds of illicit cannabis. 

The investigation into this is about as wacky: both Manitoba and Ontario’s tax police conducted a joint operation to arrest this man. Which, frankly seems like a huge taxpayer expense for what turned out to be about $318,000 in tax revenue lost.

Here Kitty Kitty

I guess this case is a good example of why nice things aren’t allowed in prison. Security guards at a Russian jail recently made a fascinating discovery when they caught a rogue cat that kept coming onto jail property. The cat was smuggling hashish under its collar.  

The plan is actually rather ingenious. The cat belonged to an inmate, but because he was incarcerated, he could not look after it. So it was released to the company of associates on the outside. The associates kept the cat hungry, and let it loose in the bushes near the prison. Like any smart animal, the cat went searching for the inmate, only to feed him a different type of snack.  

Unfortunately, the feline felon was apprehended before making it to his owner. No word yet on whether the cat was also sentenced to jail time.  

Facebook Post and Defamation

The moral of this story might be never to date a man who is both unhinged and also a police officer.  

A woman in Georgia wrote a Facebook post, complaining about her husband who refused to get medication for their children when she and the kids had the flu. Her husband was a police officer, and apparently, did not take too kindly to her words.  

So he had her arrested and charged with a non-existent crime for the so-called Facebook harassment. She was locked in a cell, and held on bond, for the “criminal defamation” of her husband. Never mind that it was actually true that he did not get medicine for his kids, the law she was charged under was ruled unconstitutional in 1982.

Thankfully, this woman did not back down. After being exonerated of the fictitious crime, she sued her husband’s police force and was recently awarded a $100,000 settlement.

So, I guess in some ways, crime does pay?

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