Weird and Wacky Wednesdays: Volume Eighty Four

This week, Weird and Wacky Wednesdays brings you all of your favourite standards. First, we look at a Florida woman who committed a really shitty assault. Then, we examine the case of a particularly unique driver who decided to do something to attract police attention. Finally, we look at a woman who has a full-on meltdown in a McDonald’s over dipping sauce.

Follow the jump for some of the best weird and wacky legal stories from around the globe.

Shit for a Landlord?

Those of us living in the Lower Mainland know that bad tenancy situations are common. Renters here have probably experienced our fair share of them. And while many of us have wanted to send a message to our shitty landlords, one Florida woman sure picked the wrong message.

She flung a full bucket of human faces into her landlord’s face, when the landlord came to check on broken items in the trailer.

Yes, not only did this woman take out her frustration on her landlord in the worst way possible, but she also did it when the landlord was there to fix broken items!

Pro tip: if you have a dispute with a landlord, don’t try to resolve it this way.

A Heavy Load

If you’re transporting items over a long distance, you might want to ensure you secure them properly and safely…

Or you might want to show people who is boss by transporting them in a showy way that attracts attention. But, you probably don’t want to get the attention of police with your clever transportation methods.

That’s what one driver in the Kamloops area has done. The RCMP are now looking to speak with the driver of a vehicle which was seen transporting a snowmobile on its roof.

And while this may not, depending on the circumstances, technically be illegal, it’s always a good idea not to do something that is going to attract the attention of local police if you can avoid it.

What a Dip!

Here are Weird and Wacky Wednesdays, you know we love a good fast food rage out story. And this one checks all the boxes.

First of all, the woman in this case was totally right. In principle. It is absurd that any person should have to pay extra for dipping sauce. But where she went wrong was to threaten to commit a full-on robbery of the McDonald’s restaurant if the employee did not give her one of every dipping sauce they have, free of charge. She went on, allegedly, to tell the staff that she would get her sauce by whatever means necessary.

Not to be deterred over the twenty five cents profit the store stood to make per sauce, the staff refused her requests and called police instead. Turns out, perhaps unsurprisingly, that in addition to being charged with uttering threats, the woman was also apparently intoxicated.

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